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Feb. 10, 2019, 12:56 p.m.

About pcbldragain

Built last system in 2000, (I think was) amd XP1600 with 333 memory OC'ed lol. I still have the huge antec full tower case with 5 fans in it, what a monster. Then bought PCs but this time want to build one again, a 2400G system for the future. Have no new games but old ones if I ever get time to play them, life gets in the way. Have a lot of typical home stuff I use the PC for. Have one of the old Momo wheels I'd like to get hooked up to this some day.

Idea with this build is 2400G, great MB, fast memory, M2 drive that will last. The rest I can upgrade later, drop in a fast CPU and GPU card as needed. I might add the 1TB drive I just put in my old PC. I went with a large air cooler due to some saying water coolers are not lasting that long, and do a lot of daily non-gaming stuff on this PC that adds many idle running hours.

I'm waiting for something to go on sale, or I'll keep piecing this together.

The coolermaster 612 appears to have the AM4 bracket in it.