i can't believe somebody actually clicked on my name

they are about to be really disappointed.


I hate people, which is the reason I don't have any comment karma. Some aren't ready for the truth lmao
I love old tech. I'll probably start a Youtube channel sometime
If you want to give me something (which probably isnt true), how about a game

why do i even bother having a profile. nobody reads this

PM me if you need tech support with something 9-12 years out of date, thats the only stuff i know about. Also im a cheese enthusiast. PM me for some recommendations based upon your needs. For a crowd pleaser, Baluchon cheese is great though it's hard to find outside of Canada. My personal favourite is Challerhocker, a semihard Swiss raw washed-rind cow's cheese. It has a strong aroma with a hint of earthiness. Cost is on the expensive side, about C$8 /100g.

enough about cheese

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