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Nov. 4, 2018, 9:15 p.m.

About bucketofcrud12

itssssss APRIL. Time for a profile update

My name is Aaron otherwise known as bucketofcrud12. So what is interesting about me? not much really. I run a tech-y discord server and we do competitions, prizes, and giveaways pretty often. My current PC is always a work in progress with many side projects along the way. right now, I am working on a very nice X58 system because I can and I think I want to use it as a NAS server.
My main rig has gone though a few updates in recent memory, the most recent is that I redid the fan setup with only 5 fans instead of 9 in order to better manage cables (also, I think it looks cleaner). I temporarily had 4 sticks of RAM in my rig, but removed them due to lack of necessity. 16GB is plenty, even for a PC enthusiast like myself.

I have another side project that I am tackling for a bud of mine. here is the back story:
I met 'Jack' (if you meet him ingame, he is usually called 'wackyjack02', so if you ever see him, say hi) in summer of 2017. we've never actually met in person, but have been playing games basically non-stop since then. over time, his system had started to show its age and lack of power. the system he started with had an i5-4690 (non-K) in an MSI Z97 Gaming 5 with 8GB of DDR3-1600 and a lowly GTX 750 ti. now of course, Me being me, i couldnt let him flounder on such an atrocity in 2018 (yes last year). I went out and got him a 4770K, 32GB DDR3-1866mhz, and a fair GPU upgrade to a 1060 3GB (for reference, he was running games at 1080p 75hz). fast forward to 2019. his system was not keeping up for multiple reasons. 1st, his CPU used a stock intel cooler. 2nd, he never cleans his rig out. and 3rd, the hardware just wasnt meeting the demands of his gaming needs. now, Jack is only 15 and goes to school and thus has little time to get a job, not to mention that he lives rurally, and its hard to get jobs at 15. so, again, being me... I decided it was time for a real upgrade. he is getting a 1080p 144hz freesync monitor, i5-8600K (because the 9600K was out of stock), an MSI Z370 something or other, 16GB DDR4-2666mhz corsair vengeance RGB Pro, a 240mm AIO, a nice new 850 watt RMx power supply, and finally, a decent GTX 1660 ti to top it off.
since he doesnt know a ton about PCs, I agreed to overclock the CPU and RAM for him and send him those pieces afterward.