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Nope. Scrap that. Time for a new description.

Hi, I'm boatyo. I am no god of PCPP, as you can see.

My real name is Raymond, and I'm 13 years old (Take THAT, TOS). I live in Massachusetts, in the United States. "boatyo" is a nickname my aunt used to give me. So, why am I here you ask? I am absolutely fascinated by technology. I know how to build PCs fairly well without anyone's help. You can say I'm more "technologically advanced" than my peers at school. As a PC titan, I'm not really INTO consoles. This is mainly supported by the fact that I never actually owned one. And I also heard more good things about PCs then consoles prior to joining this site. A lot of people in the console community are scrubs, and don't show respect for anybody. But that's not the MAIN reason why I joined this community. IMO, there's nothing better than the sweet combination of saving money on a PC you built yourself and a sense of accomplishment after building it.

The reason why I don't post completed builds is that (a.) I can't find a use able camera that isn't that far from a potato (b.) I'm confined to the horrendous world of a laptop as of now and (c.) We actually DO own a camera that's shoots 720p HD but it's off limits :/. (sigh) Maybe someday. :D

Edit 1/6/2017: I'm now doing my time with a new AIO desktop sporting a quad-core Pentium J3710 and 4GB of DDR3-1600 RAM and Windows 10 but it is no gaming powerhouse still, but at least I'm OK now...


A little bit.

To be honest dude, I'm sorta bummed out by it's performance.

Hobbies and Interests

I like to review architecture. Basically. I like to render buildings on 3D modeling programs. I am also into cars. I'm no Motor Monkey, but I know a thing or two about The Wheel. Also my favorite genre of cars are muscle, hyper and supercars, and some sedans. Mainly Challengers, aesthetically speaking. Also, a 180 MPH speedometer that I will probably never utilize in the normal streets unless I decide to screw up my life dramatically :/. My dream car is a Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat. 707 horses of pure flexing "muscle" right there. :P The car(s) I want to work towards in the future:

  • Dodge Charger Scat Pack
  • Ford Mustang V6 Fastback
  • Dodge Challenger SRT 392
  • Dodge Challenger 392 HEMI Scat Pack Shaker
  • Chevrolet Camaro 1 or 2SS
  • A Porsche of some sort
  • Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat
  • Ford Mustang Shellby GT500R

  • Or a normal car like a normal person... ._.

But I'm not normal anyway!

Those are my interests.

People I look up to and friends on PCPP

Here are some noice people that you should know:

And last but not least, good ole' Jippy

PCPP staff and third-party developers

Here are the PCPP staff and some third party developers. These are the ones who shape this dope AF community so respect them :P

  • manirelli - Ryan Manirelli, a PCPP staff and former shark.
  • philip - Philip, the creator of PCPP and technical god of PCPP.
  • BoyScout - Jack, the software engineer of PCPP and a staff.
  • maclamby - Another PCPP staff
  • ThoughtA - The "New Kid On The Block" staff on PCPP.
  • JJ - A third-party ASUS developer that uses this site, and an avid PCDIY user.

That is all the awesome staff I know off, that, like I said before, you should respect.

How about a little song: They see you when you're roaming, they know when you're posting. They KNOW if you've been bad or good so be BE GOOD for GOODNESS SAKE.


None yet. (None worthy to RECORD, anyway)

Current Afterword

That is my page, so far. It's STILL under construction so hang tight 'cause I'm thinking of more stuff to put here as I go :P. Bye for now!