I'm a middle schooler who loves PC's and everything about them (except their price). 2 of my friends really share the same PC love as me and expanded my PC knowledge. I'm building my PC near summer break (depends). Currently I have a horrible 500 dollar laptop and my NINTENDO SWITCH (I'll miss you Nintendo). I want to play rise of the tomb raider but probably can't because it's rated M so I might just get Overwatch instead. Right now I'm trying to convince my dad to let me have Ethernet in my room for when I build my PC because right now in my room it's 5mbps. I can't wait to build my PC and i'm hoping my 2000 dollar build can go down to 1750 or 1500 dollars on black friday or cyber monday. I might get a prebuilt because on black friday the sales are epic but they are hard to upgrade so I might just build mine. I comment a lot on PCPP and back then I used to say a lot of dumb things like get a TITAN for 4k 144hz even though the guy only had a 1440p 144hz monitor and the TITAN was way over his budget, or when I accidental recommended a sketchy 680W PSU to some one. Hopefully a new graphics card comes out so the 2080ti (the card I had my eyes on) drops in price. I have 1500 dollars but I'm planning on using my coding knowledge to build an app and sell it for a dollar and make some more. I can't wait!