Just a dude who browses PCPP because he loves PCs and building them. 14 y/o.
I play Overwatch. I am also on the PCPP official discord so if you ever see me online feel free to play OW with me, Razorwing02#1222.
My first build ELECTRO will be getting some upgrades soon (hopefully!) and I'm going to try to sell my RX 480 NITRO+ 4G and my MSI Z170A SLI to help pay for them. (1070 FTW, Asus Z270F, Kraken X52)
THIS has got to be one of my favorite builds on PCPP ever.

My YouTube Channel

Righty then
So I figure a lot of people don't know this and it would probably help a bunch of people out.













Well there you have it.

My most upvoted comment ever, (which happened to be on the 24th most popular build on PCPP, and the most expensive) surpassing even the notorious jipster69...

2/8/17 : 400 comments

2/12/17 : 444 comments

2/15/17 : 500 comments

2/23/17 : 555 comments

2/28/17 : 600 comments

3/7/17 : 666 comments

3/9/17 : 700 comments

3/20/17 : 777 comments

3/22/17 : 800 comments

4/22/17 : 888 comments

4/26/17 : 900 comments

My GADGET COLLECTION (in order of obtainment)

  • PS2 Slim
  • Wii
  • DSi XL Mario Bros. 25th Anniversary Edition
  • iPod touch 5G
  • My dad's old NES
  • Xbox One
  • GoPro HERO4 Silver
  • Acer Chromebook R 11 (school's)
  • ELECTRO (first pc)
  • iPhone 6S Rose Gold 64GB


Questions can be found here

  1. Beef Tacos with Mozzarella cheese. yum.
  2. Prolly "Meet Me" by Mickey Valen
  3. "Imagination is more important than knowledge" --Albert Einstein
  4. Playing Overwatch
  5. Anything that interrupts my Overwatch (although I particularly hate vacuuming)
  6. Pokemon Go Biking
  7. The holiday season since the food is good, the music is nice, and everyone is jolly.
  8. Skateboard. Could never get the hang of it
  9. The hands. I would be hecked without em.
  10. Installing RAM
  11. It would be a LAN party for all the inhabitants of the OT section
  12. Palm trees in L.A.
  13. 22.
  14. Play more comp
  15. My father, but then I would have to mentor him on tech stuff
  16. My death so I would know how I die
  17. Convince my parents of anything
  18. A new hero in Overwatch if I worked at Blizzard
  19. Beat Felix Baumgartner's WR
  20. Jacques
  21. Linus from LTT
  22. Prolly pay the taxes on the winnings
  23. Dog/Root beer/Mint Chocolate Chip
  24. What happens when you die?
  25. Luke Skywalker
  26. Um?
  27. Video game designer, PC builder and Youtuber extraordinaire.
  28. Watch Youtube or play a few rounds of quick play in OW
  29. Built not Bought (actually that would better apply to philip)
  30. The Disneyland music. Man I freakin love Disneyland.
  31. Not really
  32. My friend had a party at an amusement park a couple years ago. That was fun.
  33. Prolly "The Last Lecture" by Randy Pausch
  34. Adjust after skipping 5th grade
  35. Can't really think of one
  36. I ate cookies that my mom made for our local library
  37. Last month. My mom made pork, stuffing and sweet potatoes and it was delicious. Or maybe my dad's stir fry...
  38. My Galaxy S7, but not (read the story here)
  39. The lack of responsibility
  40. When my mom said we were going to Disney World back in 2007
  41. I think a Skylander
  42. When I cracked my phone
  43. When I was 3 and I got a Christmas present and I kept asking my family to open it.
  44. Adult? Maturity? What are those?
  45. Yeah. When teachers let us write 5 page essays with a singular image I will be satisfied
  46. Well it depends what book you're reading and what page you're on.
  47. Putting my glasses on and running to my computer on Saturday and smacking the power button.
  48. Purple.
  49. Thhheeeeee sssskkkkkkkyyyyyy.