Just decided to finally make a description for me. First off, I'm an absolute n00b at building PC's. I have a gaming PC, but I originally bought it from a costum PC retailer. My favorite color is blue. I prefer Nvidia And Intel to AMD, though I don't despise AMD. My dream monitor is the predator x34. My dream case is the phantom 820 black, though I would change the led color. My dream headphones are the new Seinnhieser Orphious headphones. The games I play on my PC are as follows: Metal gear solid V, The witcher 3, Portal 2, Counter Strik Global Offensive, Dota 2, Undertale, and Arma 3. I have a YouTube channel where I record me playing videogames on my computer. The channel name is "ThePcGamer" and I currently have 26 subscribers. I have Csgo gameplay, a completed lets play of undertale's pacifist run, a speed run of portal, a lets play of portal 2, dota 2 gameplay, and a Metal gear solid V lets play.