Hello, my name is William and I am a software engineer in the United States Air Force. I build/repair computers as a hobby/side job. I was building 2-3 computers a month but have recently taken on a smaller load due to time conflicts with other hobbies and my job.

In my 15 years of building computers, I have built roughly 900 computers; 90% of which were designated for gaming. I have an unprecedented amount of knowledge and experience and I've decided to start spreading knowledge when and where I can. I am more than happy to provide advice and information to anybody that seeks it. I know that there is no shortage of that on the internet and especially this site, but there is an overwhelming amount of biased opinions and bad/misleading information that surrounds building computers that can affect how somebody goes about their builds and I would like to be part of a solution to that problem when possible. I frequently browse the forums and try to find posts that have 0 replies but I obviously don't have time to get to them all, so if you want to PM me with any questions, please do.

Outside of PC building/Gaming. I am also big into automotive performance, so if you ever want to talk about something other than computers; I am always down for a chat about cars.

Smart People

I think "friend" lists are silly in profiles, but if you've come to my profile because you trust my judgement/knowledge, here is a list of people that have my respect as they usually, if not always know what they are talking about. In no particular order.