I am a proud member of the glorious PC Master Race! I am also a huge PC enthusiast and I absolutely love water cooling! I use this for gaming mostly but also just staring at it all day. Building custom computers has been a passion of mine now since my very first PC project started and it literally has turned my life around into the right direction. I was an addict for 5 years of my life, IV opiate user, and I never could get sober each time I tried. It seemed like the needle was my destiny in life and then, all at once, a lot of crazy things happened to me. I overdosed, lost a friend, and got sober again for the millionth time. I had been in and out of Jails, Rehabs, and spent some time in prison. While I was on the mend I discovered tech channels on youtube and thought "wow those computers are AMAZING!" I knew I had to give it a shot at making my own awesome build. I am so happy with my builds and can say I have drive and direction in my life now. I know it sounds so cheesy and lame but I am motivated to continue with upgrading my system and building new ones. I absolutely love everything about it from modding my case to delidding my processor it has been AMAZING!

I have to give credit to the people who taught me everything I know about computers. JayzTwoCents(watercooling guru), Bitwit, Paul's Hardware, LinusTechTips, Gamers Nexus, HardwareCanucks, Science Studio, Singularity Computers(watercooling guru), and ALittleDIMM. Also the subreddits r/watercooling and r/pcmasterrace were good places to share my experience and get advice! I am fully youtube educated and knew literally nothing about computers going into all of this. YOUTUBE EDUCATED YO!