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Corsair - 450D ATX Mid Tower Case

( 4.4 Average / 58 Ratings )






Part #





ATX Mid Tower

Includes Power Supply


External 5.25" Bays


Internal 2.5" Bays


Internal 3.5" Bays


Motherboard Compatibility

ATX, EATX, Micro ATX, Mini ITX

Front Panel USB 3.0 Ports


Maximum Video Card Length

430 mm / 16.929"


494 mm x 210 mm x 497 mm

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vikingXcore 31 points 50 months ago
from completed build Tiny Tina 2.5

Looks beautiful coming out of the box. The front fan door is a bane in my existence. It's only held on by clasps, which one broke because the female end (attached to the case) would not catch because it was also broke. Very little cable management behind the tray. Only marginally more than the cheap $30 cases. SSD slots are in a retarded spot and should mimic the 750D as far as placement is concerned. Not enough USB 3.0 slots, but that's just how I feel for paying over $100 on the case. Minus the door, build quality is really solid. Noise levels are dampened, but that could be my setup using AF120s.

xexrghv2 5 points 50 months ago

Easy case to install in and a lot of features

desucca 20 points 49 months ago
from completed build Ditch the damned iMac build

I'll say that I'm really happy with this case when all is said and done first and foremost. I am only using the one SSD as my system drive which is behind the MB, and I have an external HDD for media/files so I pulled out the drive tray altogether so it's full of room for good air flow.

couple things I'm not totally happy with but will likely get over quickly..

  • the push to release hinged thing on the front panel.. every.. fricking.. time.. I go to move the case at all, I accidentally pop it open on one or both sides. annoying, but not a deal breaker.

  • the window seems like an actual dust magnet, like, if I dropped tiny bits of sand from waist height about 2 ft away from this thing, I'm almost positive most of the grains will defy gravity and be pulled over to stick to the window!? it's like it's statically charged...

  • the finish on the front is nice, but seems to mark up really easily.

RobertBel98 19 points 49 months ago
from completed build Client Build: Blackbird

The Corsair 450D was mainly a cosmetic choice by the client, although I feel it offers a effective open air design for increased cooling potential, despite some lacking cable management support.

m.live31 15 points 48 months ago
from completed build X1

Great case with everything a PC builder may need out of a computer case, but not enough space behind the mother board for wiring if the power supply isn't modular

Sizzl3n 10 points 47 months ago

The simple and elegant design was exactly what I was looking for. Cable minding is extremely simple with guide holes and plenty of tie down points for zip ties. Im really satisfied with the amount of space I had to work with. Fits every component without a problem.

Hostility 20 points 43 months ago
from completed build Well Deserved Upgrade

I absolutely love the clean looks of this case. It was a pleasure to build in, with plenty of room for components and easy cable management. However, the 5.25 drive cages aren't removable so my tubes for the H110i GT are sort of trapped, and the side panels seem very flimsy and not up to par with the rest of the case.

JAWZPx3 4 points 42 months ago

What can I say, it has a big window, is mostly metal, and has enough space and mounting positions that I know to do with. Being that has so much space it allows me to keep everything very neat and with enough space between everything to maintain high airflow. And keeping everything tidy and cooling potential of the case was one of the most important aspects I was looking for when picking a case.

piecaik 2 points 41 months ago
from completed build Fusion (My first build)

wonderful looking case! good cable management and a nice window to complement it. very good airflow as Corsair had advertised

nxp 7 points 39 months ago
from completed build Mamba - May 2016 (Upgrade)

sleek, roomy, sexy