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ATA/IDE Raid Configuration

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cjh6000 19 days ago

So ive got 4 400gb ATA/IDE (I believe they're the same?) hard drives, and I want to put them into a raid configuration with a raid card.

  1. Is it worth it to do this, and will I get usable speeds?
  2. Where can I find a raid card to do this with?

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Warlock 1 point 18 days ago
  1. No.
yawumpus 1 point 17 days ago

It wouldn't be worth it for 400GB SATA drives. ATA/IDE is even worse. If you can dig up an old PC with those ports (two master/slave ports), you can load it with some "NAS on a disc" software (don't use a ZFS based NAS with less than a 8GB PC).

If you can dig up 4 sufficiently cheap IDE to USB connectors, you could even build a NAS on a Raspberry PI device (or similar). Don't expect great performance, but you can't expect much with HDDs, especially with IDE connectors.

GeorgeReorgeRartinMartin 1 point 17 days ago
  1. No. But if you're just doing it for kicks, "worth it" is subjective. But a 1-2TB SSD is going to be superior (faster and simpler) to any PATA four drive RAID array.

So it all depends on what your use case and goals are. If you're just trying to find a practical use for some aged hardware, sometimes that use is a paperweight or doorstop.