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How bad is INWIN A1 PSU? For 2080 rtx?

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xPete 28 days ago

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ImperiousBattlestar 2 points 28 days ago

It’s OK, but it’s perfectly capable of powering a 2080


In short, it should be fine, unless something dictates swapping it out.

mark5916 1 point 27 days ago

It’s OK, but it’s perfectly capable of powering a 2080

I think the same. :)

m52nickerson 1 Build 2 points 27 days ago

We don't know how good or bad the PSU is. That is a problem. Could be fine, could be a disaster waiting to happen. I would not recommend it.

mark5916 1 point 27 days ago

What we know so far...

In Win 600W PSU

Model: IP-P600KQ3-2
Total Power: 600W
Material: SECC Steel
Type: ATX12V V2.4
PFC: Active PFCEfficiency: 80 PLUS Bronze
MTBF (Hours): > 100,000 
AC Input: 100 ‒ 240Vac. 50-60Hz
Hold-up time (ms): > 16ms
Fan: 120mm
Operating Temperature Range(°C): 0~50°C
Full Protection: OCP/OVP/UVP/SCP/OTP/OPP
Safety Certifications: TUV/cTUVus/BSMI/CB/CE/FCC/EAC/RCM
Dimensions(L x W x D): 140 x 150 x 86 mm
Warranty: 3 Years


Motherboard 24-pin: 1
CPU 4+4-pin: 1
PCIE 6+2 pin: 2
Peripherals: 0
Floppy Power: 0
Micro USB: 1

Also we know...

It uses DC-DC. Evident by 100% of power on 12V rail

Complies with ATX12V 2.4". TUV cert. was issued mid 2018.

Full set of protections, and rated to 50°C.

80+ bronze and APFC, as-well as many safety certs.

Uses a 5Vsb micro USB connector for the wireless charger.



Last but not least we know the below as well...

As we pointed out at CES, the advantages of including the PSU are ease-of-installation and avoiding compatibility issues with larger PSUs.

The downside is that the case is built with one specific PSU in mind, and it’s not intended to be swapped out.

We use an SFX PSU for mini-ITX case testing, and to install it we had to get rid of the plastic shield (they call it the “top PSU chamber”) placed between the PSU and the glass panel. Modular PSUs like ours may be more difficult to fit than non-modular, since the case isn’t tailored to that arrangement of cables.

Like the Silverstone SG13 we reviewed recently, cable management boils down to bundling cables together and hoping they don’t touch a fan blade, which is another reason to stick with the pre-tidied-up PSU that In Win provides.

The bottom line is that the power supply is definitely factored in to the overall cost, so don’t buy this case with the intention of replacing it. It’s 600W, 80+ Bronze, and non-modular, and if any of that is a dealbreaker, don’t buy the case.

  • <According to the review from GAMERS⚡NEXUS>
Rexper 1 point 27 days ago

Also we know...

... No worries

OrionFOTL 1 point 26 days ago


mark5916 1 point 26 days ago

I'm not worried. lol