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Radiator size on overclocked GPU.

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vonspartan 29 days ago

I am about to build my first PC, and have a question regarding how big of a radiator I need to cool an overclocked GPU. I have thought about purchasing a 2080ti from EVGA that has water cooling built into it. I believe they call it the hybrid. The radiator that comes with this card is only 120mm. I have read articles that state, "120mm is needed to cool one component, and an additional 120mm is needed when overclocking". Assuming this advice is correct, I will reach thermal saturation of the cooling system when overclocking (forgive me if I am not using the correct term for that).

Has anyone bought one of these manufacturer built, water cooled GPUs? If so, did you experience any temperature issues when overclocking? Am I better off making a custom loop with a 240mm?

I appreciate any advice.


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