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ivanonpc228 27 days ago

I want to upgrade from a kaby lake to coffee lake for better performance and future proof. Is it worth it or should I hold in a little longer?

PC was built in Japan in 2017.

But here is what I am looking to buy:


Current CPU and Mobo: i5-7500, Asus Prime H270 Plus

Location: Guam, Zip Code: 96504 (FPO)

Games I play: Flight Sims (P3D, Microsoft Flight Sim and DCS), Arma 3, Squad

I only buy from Amazon.

If you have a better upgrade path let me know please.

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kschendel 1 Build 1 point 27 days ago

The improvement from a 7500 to a 9400 is about 10% single threaded. You do get a couple extra cores, which might help a couple of those programs. I'd take a look at performance monitor to see if all four cores are maxed out with your current CPU; if they aren't, you won't see a lot of improvement with the 9400F.