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Is this really incompatible?

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M4J0R45 28 days ago

Hey everybody,

I could use some help here. I am trying to upgrade my first build into something a little more flashy. Specifically I wanted to upgrade my case to a Thermaltake Core P1. The problem I am getting is that my current AIO cooler (Corsair H100i - v2) is marked as incompatible with this case. I think that is strange because I recently had to RMA my H100i and that was the replacement they sent me. The H100i however is marked as compatible and v2 is not. I assume that if Corsair sent me the v2 as a replacement then it should be almost completely compatible with anything that is compatible with H100i. I can not find any information on this topic from google searches so I've decided to turn to you guys. If you can point out the problem and if it is possible to fix it I would greatly appreciate it.

Here is the parts list I have so far:


Also if you have any comments on anything else in my build, I am eager for feedback. I'm prone to make errors when it comes to building computers so any advice will also be very much appreciated.


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LIVE_AMMO 1 point 28 days ago

I had a quick look.

The 'case' mounting slot for the radiator supports a max of 122.5mm width allowance but the H100i v2 sits at 125mm.

My initial assumption was in query of the loop length, whether the inconsistency was the lack of support in reaching the CPU socket. But a 2.5mm width incompatibility spells out 'poor design flaw' on thermaltakes part.

I'm sure there's a work-around here...Maybe contact thermaltake support to see if any brackets or elevated platforms are available to remedy the issue. Or look around for a DIY solution, if you don't mind the rad raised above the back wall. Alternatively there are other open-air case options from thermaltake but does get a little pricey.

M4J0R45 submitter 1 point 28 days ago

Thank you, that was very helpful! I can see what you're talking about and if that spells poor design flaw then maybe I should consider some alternative cases. I will contact customer support and see just how difficult the work around might be.