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Is there a single video card that can handle this?

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itzzjason 28 days ago

I was looking to build a new ITX system.

Is it possible for 1 video card to handle four 1440p monitors? If so, which one?

1 of them is 144hz and the other 3 are 60hz.

This will be for gaming on the 144hz. The other monitors will have Netflix, Hulu, Twitch, or YouTube playing, web browsers open, and productivity apps like MS Excel open.

Just to name a few games off the top of my head: D3, CS:GO, Division 1 and 2, GTA5, Tomb Raider series, Witcher series, Skyrim, Lost Ark (if English is released)

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Root_User 1 point 27 days ago

Is it possible for 1 video card to handle four 1440p monitors? If so, which one?

Yes. The most appropriate card still depends on what you're using the system for. If you plan on gaming with the 144Hz display and are typically GPU-bound in your preferred games & settings, then that will likely be the primary criteria for your selection, unless you planned on simultaneously doing other GPU-intensive work while gaming. What are your intended uses for the system?

Just getting output to four 1440p monitors isn't a tall order these days. Do be sure to select a card with the right output options, though, if you want to avoid the hassle associated with adapters.

itzzjason submitter 1 point 27 days ago

Oh thanks for that reminder. I knew I forgot to include my uses. I'll edit the OP