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Should I get a 2080 Ti Xtreme Waterforce?

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MithosX9 1 month ago

Hi there

So I am having some trouble picking a 2080 Ti card. At first I wanted to go for an Asus 2080 Ti Strix OC. After some more research I am leaning more towards a Gigabyte 2080 Ti Xtreme. However I saw that they also have a Gigabyte 2080 Ti Xtreme Waterforce for close to the same price. Then they have a version that is with "WB" and without "WB". Where does this WB stand for, water block?

But thats not the main issue, the main issue is finding some benchmarks/reviews about this Xtreme Waterforce GPU. Why are they barely there? And can anyone tell me if the Xtreme Waterforce is worth buying?


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Radox-0 5 Builds 1 point 1 month ago

What are the exact models you are looking at? Gigabyte does two versions related to using or involving water (fluid) one which is a 2080ti with an All in one cooler, so you attach the radiator to a radiator mount in your case. The other model, is basically a 2080ti with a water block preapplied. That version would require a custom loop.

As to if they are worth it, your paying a premium for an AIO model or in case of latter a preapplied and pretty looking GPU block. In terms of performance they will likely perform a % or two better then other aftermarket coolers as cards boost higher the colder they are and water helps in this regards. As to why not many reviews, well they are expensive, most will just get a fan based cooler and plenty don’t bother to leave reviews.

MithosX9 submitter 1 point 1 month ago

Cheers for the reply! The exact models are found on this Dutch website:



Those waterforce cards are also not on the part list I noticed. It just feels weird that there is barely any info on them

Radox-0 5 Builds 1 point 1 month ago

Yeah so first link is the all in one, so plug and play basically. Just need to put the radiator into a radiator mount in your case. The later will need a full custom loop.