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EVGA 1070 Ti ACX 3.0 Black Edition Watercooling

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Planemaster 1 month ago


In short, I have the GPU mentioned in the title and, whilst the temps certainly aren't bad, the noise is more so. In order to keep the card below around 85C in long gaming sessions which are stressful to the card or training a ML model (this can take 20 - 30 hours), it will tend go above 85C and the fan will obviously compensate. This isn't just my card as a lot of reviews do say this card is loud and for me, it's exacerbated by the fact my case sits right on my desk next to me. I've tried setting a custom fan profile, which obviously made it worse, it is dust free via a can of compressed air, case fans have been set underneath the GPU which only decreased temps by 3C initially but it still went to 85C with the fan still sounding like a jet engine. I could replace the thermal paste underneath but in experience, a 4 - 5 year old GTX 750 Ti had temps lower by about 2C with some Thermal Grizzly Kyronaut as the replacement so I don't believe this will help much, if at all, as this card is about half a year old.

So my idea is to use a NZXT G12 mounting adapter for the GPU to attach an AIO. Case restrictions apply where I have a Corsair 280X which limits my watercooling potential alongside my other components. My CPU cooler is a Scythe FUMA, which is a great unit but takes up a lot of space meaning the top area which can hold up to a 280mm AIO may not fit and in the best case scenario, sucks air directly out the FUMA. The front fan mounts can also hold an AIO but this means the FUMA will be taking in air directly from the AIO and these are my 2 main intake fans so temperatures inside the case won't be great.

The most logical option is the bottom 2 fans mounts although the maximum size would likely be a 120mm/140mm AIO as the other fan mount is blocked by a USB 3.1 connector which sticks out like a sore thumb and a right angle connector wouldn't work seeing as the connector wouldn't fit the actual head of the cable as that would interact with the bottom of case or other parts of the motherboard above it.

So, is this a viable option in the sense my temperatures, or at least my noise levels, will be better and if so, is it all compatible regarding the NZXT G12 and my EVGA 1070 Ti. Also, any recommendations on the AIO I should use?

Pictures in case anyone finds them useful: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/431214166116663308/558315303780614183/20190321_154437.jpg


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