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What GPUs can I use in VS450 without popping/toasting my mobile?

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Ashley142436 1 month ago

Hello guys I'm planning on putting a gpu in my pc but I have a vs450 I've seen a lot of bad ratings on it and I'm scared if my pc gets toasted I can't really change my psu because I already bought it and quality psu in Philippines are very expensive enough to feed you for a month.

Here are my specs

Mobo: Biostar A780L3B Processor: AMD athlon x3 455 3.3ghz PSU: Corsair VS450 RAM: HyperX ddr3 8gb RAM Memory: Toshiba dt01aca050 Others: DVD+R DL

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legomaster 6 Builds 2 points 27 days ago

Your cpu will be a bugger problem then the psu.

Rin_Itoh 2 points 25 days ago

You should be fine with something like a 1050 ti or RX 570. You will start running into issues with your CPU not being able to keep up though.