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Long Term Storage

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CoolPCBuilds 1 month ago

Hi. I've been looking through old SD cards earlier and decided to import the photos and videos from some of them onto my hard drives. It got me thinking about long term storage. My initial ideas were to keep the original photo and video files in their respective SD card and keep an imported copy on hard drives, perhaps a NAS in the future, but I doubted the long term condition of SD cards. Any ideas?

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Kgluong 3 points 26 days ago

If you want long term storage tape drive is the best. Cost effective storage is hdd. Don't store long term data without power on sd/ssd/etc.

yawumpus 3 points 24 days ago

One way would be to use optical media (DVDs or possibly blurays), preferably with the M-disc or other archival standards. Make sure you build it as a parchive (with plenty of redundant data). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parchive

If this is just too many discs, you could probably get away with making a parchive on SD cards, but I'm not sure there is much data on people who've tried that. The big point is that a parchive acts like multiple copies, but most of the backup bits can replace any of the data bits (it uses reed-solomon error correction).

BetrayedPredator 2 points 1 month ago

Flash storage (SD cards) and HDDs last a very long time

AceBalthazar 4 Builds 2 points 1 month ago

multiple copies are always better than one, if you can get a hard drive and make a copy of the photos there you should do it.

Rin_Itoh 2 points 1 month ago

Under proper conditions HDD can last a fairly long time. A few HDD's in a NAS/RAID configuration should be fine. Flash storage can also last a fairly long time under proper conditions, but not nearly as long as HDD/SSD. You should copy the photos to a HDD and have multiple copies of them.

Oliver_Powell 2 points 1 month ago

USB flash drives or SD Cards are mainly used for transferring data from one device to another but aren't ideal for backing up or storage of data because the devices have a substantial chance of getting broken or failing. Flash drives / Pen drives / SD Cards can die or stop working when device hardware components fail.

In that case, it is not a good idea to store your important data in flash drives or memory cards for the long term. It’s always better to have a complete data backup in another Hard drive & if you’re backed up with any data recovery software like Stellar Data Recovery then it’s a plus point & win-win situation for you in case if there is any data loss scenario.

firedrakes 1 Build 2 points 26 days ago

also you have to run a hard drive ever few months. other wise it will lock up and not work

CoolPCBuilds submitter 2 Builds 1 point 18 days ago

Thank you for all the responses. I definitely have a better idea now.

pcbldragain 1 point 17 days ago

I use a hdd in the PC, and then have a passport external I back up once in a while. Important things I burn optical and store if I really think I need to. Most static chip storage supposed to be good for 10yr I read, but after that who knows. I know someone who had cases of SD cards, had traveled a lot and all photos. I wondered how that would work out when I saw all those sd cards.

I also put stuff on two different PCs, just the same as with external/nas/etc drives another PC can back you up.