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pcie cables too stiff; can't bend to get side of case on? (Seasonic Focus)

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TexasNiteowl 1 month ago

Just installed a new PSU...Seasonic Focus 650w Platinum. Bought it to support a new-to-me used 1080ti.

Problem is the pci-e cables running to the gpu. They are wrapped near the end that plugs into the gpu and are very stiff and bending them so that I can put the side of my case on looks like it will be impossible.

So...can I cut off the wrap?

Or, any reason I can't use the pci-e cables that came with the gpu? They are much more flexible.

Or, best place to buy replacement and/or custom cables?

Also, the pci-e power cable has 2 8-pin plugs on it...does it really run enough power to support both 8-pin connectors on the one cable? I used 2 separate cables so each one has a dangling extra connector. Again, using the cables that came with the psu.

I can try to post pictures if that would help in case I'm not explaining it well.

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G_rot777 1 Build 1 point 1 month ago

There's no reason why you can't used the cables that came with the GPU if that will help you out, they just look worse. I'd say get some different cables, never cut anything unless you actually know what you're dealing with and don't want to void warranty. What case is this?

TexasNiteowl submitter 1 point 1 month ago

I did manage to get the side of the case on. It is hard to tell because I don't have a side window in this case, but trying to peer through the front bays, there is a little more pressure than I would like, but not too bad.

I do plan to order some custom cables, but trying to wait until summer when Zen 2 is out. I needed the psu and gpu right away to support my new monitor. I'll replace the rest of my sandy bridge system later this year. Still, guess there's no reason I couldn't choose my colors and go ahead with new gpu power cables.