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Computer/7.1 Receiver

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limelight55 2 months ago

I'm starting to draft a new home theater/computer and I am wondering if their is a way to run a 7.1 or 5.1 system straight into a computer and still get true surround sound bypassing any need for a receiver. Can this be done with just an amp - or even with out (using a sound card and a hefty power supply). If it helps I'm hoping to run a 5.1 Klipsch reference speaker collection.

My long term goal is to have my gaming rig also hooked up to a projector / surround sound for movies while still using a proper monitor for gaming

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AceBalthazar 4 Builds 1 point 1 month ago

The easiest solution for this would to be just get a surround receiver with optical input and use that as your surround system when watching movies, especially given your speaker choice. Onkyo has several top-tier surround receivers, and they have partnered with Klipsch in the past to deliver systems.

Sadly you are not able to bypass the need of a receiver, because it acts as your audio decoder and amplifier in one unit.

Raphen 1 point 1 month ago

Sounds like you want a setup similar to what I have! =D Hope you don't have neighbors! Haha.

The sound card outputs very little power and needs an intermediary device that powers the speakers either as an A/V receiver or self powered speakers.

My setup is an Onkyo tx-sr805 with the Klipsch speakers. They are the floor model and are kinda too big for the space I have and even if the 12inch sub worked I wouldn't use it. The Klipsch are magnificent speakers but they are notorious for shoddy amps, there is a way better and cheaper aftermarket replacement amp for the subs.

The receiver is quite powerful but has it's flaws in the video output to 720, you can just output with your video card for higher resolution. It is quite hefty and bulky especially since the only input for it is PC's. All in all it is pretty overkill for what I use it for.

If you have an already good stable in the home theatre setup; ie turntable, dvd/bluray, cd etc then it is reasonable IMO to get the good receiver and speakers to immerse yourself in that movie experience. If you don't have all those extra components and just use a PC for video/audio there are many good self powered unit that will be just as good and take up less space, less heat and less dust collection. The Klipsch 5.1 ProMedia are still the best computer speakers ever made (minus their shoddy amp). Mine still sitting in the "to-be-fixed" pile =( . Occasionally good working ones show up on ebay and I even think there is a guy selling an amp repair service for them.

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