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First build, for computation & photo editing

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cglyqws 2 months ago

Hi All,

I've done some upgrades for my pc before (CPU, PSU, RAM, etc) so I thought maybe I could do a full build to serve my needs. So I did some research and come up with this part list https://pcpartpicker.com/list/x9QFnH.

Some expectations for this build: 1. A lot of scientific calculation/computation. 2. Need 32 GB RAM. 3. Little gaming, but some photoshop works. 4. Need build-in wifi. 5. No overclocking for now but may try it if my confidence grows. 6. Budget is around $1500-2000. 7. Minimum RBG effects. PS: I already have the PSU and GPU from previous upgrades. So I'll try to reuse them in this build if possible.

Several questions and concerns: a. About the motherboard. I'm thinking to save some money by using an mATX or mITX motherboard. I won't need many PCIe slots and 2 RAM slots meet the minimum requirement. However, the concern is CPU upgrades. Could anyone comment on if the smaller boards are able to handle CPUs like i9-9900K, with and without overclocking? b. Please let me know if my part list has any clearance or compatibility issue. c. A little bit interested in i9-9900K. Do I need a more powerful CPU cooler accordingly? d. Not sure if I need to buy the thermal paste, or it comes with the CPU cooler? e. Not sure if the case has fans, or fans are bought separately?


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kschendel 1 Build 1 point 2 months ago

I was going to tell you to change the GPU for a less expensive RX 570/580, but if you already have it, fine.

The problem with mATX and Z390 isn't so much the size as the lack of options. Boards like the Asus TUF Z390M ought to handle a 9900K stock, and presumably overclocked if you pay attention to VRM cooling. Mini ITX probably won't really save you money, the boards are so crowded that they usually cost more, not less.

Paste comes with the cooler. Cases will generally have at least one fan, you'll have to look up the case specs to find out how many and what size. You can generally expect to have to buy at least one additional fan. The 200R is probably OK for a 9700K (it's not a case I am super familiar with); if you go hotter with a 9900K you might want to consider a top airflow case like the Fractal Design Meshify.