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First build HELP with air flow design and fan headers.

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totalstranger1 2 months ago

Assembling my first build and working out all the details. I'm not a gamer but I work with graphic files and printer software. I wanted something flashy for my showroom and powerful enough to quickly process large files while having multiple programs and browsers running. After doing a lot of reading I picked these parts that were in the budget I set. Hope it's all going all come together! I'm still learning and I have components installed but when it came time to connect my fans I got stumped. My parts list https://pcpartpicker.com/list/ZVJNw6

I'm not sure which headers to use or if I need some kind of splitters for all my fans and I am reading about positive and negative pressures that can make a big difference in flow. Can someone recommend how I should go about setting up on my motherboard ? I'm confused as there are some pwm 4pin fans and some are DC 3pin. Plus the case came with dual 3pin fans with a splitter down to 2pin. Is anyone familiar with this board case combination or is there a way I can post schematic here?

P.S I haven't even started the rgb yet :)

Any advice appreciated

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m52nickerson 1 Build 2 points 2 months ago

For your fans on that case, simply plug the fan headers into any available fan header (other then cpu fan) on the mother board. If the fans are four pin, try and plug them into 4 pin headers. If they are three pin you can still plug them into the 4 pin headers. The RGB connector for the two front fans will get plugged into you mother boards RGB header.

As far as air flow. Just leave the case as it is set up. you will have more air moving in then out, so positive pressure, which helps with keeping dust out of the system. Positive pressure does not help with cooling. For more cooling you want more air flow. Your case should be fine as is.

totalstranger1 submitter 1 point 2 months ago

Thank you for explaining the positive pressure and why it's an advantage. Makes perfect sense. I was able to get my fans going by eliminating a 2 pin to dual 3 pin splitter and moving where I plugged the other fan headers in. (Leads were very short without the splitter but I made it work and kept my wiring clean). Now on to the next issue... My bios stops responding after post....ugh