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vitexo 4 months ago


I found a deal for NordVPN, $110 for 3 years and currently running a 30-day trial. While using it I did not notice any changes/benefits. Is it necessary to have a VPN? Does average PC/Mac (I use both) user needs it?

Thank you

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Allan_M_Systems 1 point 4 months ago

depends what you expect from the VPN and what you are trying to accomplish.

VPN's are best used to add a layer of protection when connecting to the internet from shared/public sources like at coffee shops, airports, hotels. The VPN, if configured properly, "hides" the contents of your internet traffic from others on that network. VPN's are also very useful for allowing you to connect to personal or company network resources like files servers and databases while on the road. Lastly, a full tunnel VPN can be used to route all of a users internet traffic back to HQ for filtering/monitoring. This is important in some business environments.

A lot of people mistakenly buy VPN's to "hide" what they are doing on the web. Ultimately, the VPN provider ends up knowing what you were trying to hide from someone anyway, so that's not really a great solution other than to circumvent internet filtering based on source... (people use VPN's to have access to internet resources in the US, that are filtered out for direct connections made other countries for political reasons or otherwise. )

kNishen 0 points 4 months ago

No, I use a Proxy server for my needs that stops those priving eyes from looking where they shouldn't be looking. Also is free to use the proxy settings as your uT has that option to use it. And no VPN is overblown waste of money....they can be closed down unlike Proxy that can move.