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My dad was going through his emails and clicked to unsubscribe from a service. Instantly ransom ware was attempting to be installed.

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juan101213 10 months ago

He came to me the next day and asked me to take a look. I went along and used windows defender and 0 threats were found. So I found that a bit odd. The ransomware did say don't turn off your PC or all its files will erase. So obviously that is what my dad did to try to save the computer. So maybe this saved him from the malware? I ran malwarebytes and 73 potential threats were found. Most of them looked like harmless files that the software could've gotten wrong so I brushed it off my shoulders. Less than 10 minutes later the ransomware opened up on chrome, so I quarantined all the files. Up to this point we have had no more situations, but I am afraid it is still there. What should I do? Also forgot to mention, I believe it is scareware cause none of his files have been encrypted.

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PrivatePengu 1 point 10 months ago

Could you define what you mean with "looked like harmless files"?

juan101213 submitter 1 point 10 months ago

Honestly I don't know, it just looked like files that were meant to be there. There were too many to go through to determine if they were a threat, so I quarantined them all. I just need to know whether I should install another program that can help get rid of it if it is still there.

Captaincow285 1 point 10 months ago

I think Malwarebytes took care of it all, so delete it, but just in case it installed a keylogger or something, you might want to extract all the files off of it, wipe the drive, and reinstall the OS.