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Friends List - Input Requested

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manirelli 65 months ago

Hey everyone!

We have seen your requests for more social aspect additions to the site and would like your input. A couple common suggestions have been features along the lines of a friends list and a way to follow threads you do not get direct replies to. Before we start developing things all willy-nilly we would like to get your feedback all in one place to see what other ideas you have. I will do my best to reply to every top level comment and our entire team will be watching this closely as well.



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JoeyThePCNoob 2 Builds 6 points 65 months ago

This is a feature I would love to be implemented on pcpartpicker. This would give the user better opportunities to make a name for themselves in the forums and I am fully behind this idea. Another feature you could implement is ranking/badges, just a way to point out people who have used the forums for a long time/know what their doing. As for the profile picture picture as Jason mentioned, there would have to be alot of regulation in that area. Anyways, thanks as always for making pcpartpicker the best site it can possibly be and listening to feedback.

infinitemerald 1 Build 3 points 65 months ago

I highly agree. While it would be nice to have something such as ranking and formus such as TomsHardware, it this site for some reason has unfortunately attracted unwanted and immature trolls. Even though it says "please be nice and no NSFW" right on the side, that doesn't ensure they aren't going to have a dumb profil pic.

One good thing about ranking would categorize troll users and fake users to drop the ban hammer more easily.

I want to thank the staff for working so hard and listening to feedback for the site. It's extremely rare to have large user-based site on which all the users are given the freedom to request site features and part additions. Thanks so much guys!

fdjo10 2 points 65 months ago

I can easily see people using their ranking to make them feel entitled and to put others down. It could possible promote a toxic environment. If someone offers some advice and they dont have a badge/rank people may say, "Dont listen to this noob. Hes a troll." when he may be giving his honest opinion.

JoeyThePCNoob 2 Builds 0 points 65 months ago

Yeah, I don't see that as a problem. The community of pcpartpicker is much more mature community. Your idea of doing this is making everything equal. I don't think that is the right way of doing things. And while the badges may create some inequality in ranking, it will point out the good users, and will help create a more prosperous environment.

JasonUK 12 Builds 0 points 65 months ago

Now you mention it, I think I prefer the ranking feature over the profile pictures. It certainly would be easier to regulate.

JasonUK 12 Builds 3 points 65 months ago

I suppose the friends list itself wouldn't be the best part of the update, it would be the smaller aspects of it. E.g. being notified if any of your friends have posted updates/forum posts or being notified if your friends log in. There may have to be a customization option since some people do post quite often. And with any new notification, it might be wise to revamp the notifications icon a bit - it'd be hard to keep track of if you have private messages, friend notifications and forum notifications. I need to find a synonym for notify!

I supposed there'd need to be some sort of user-search function added in there, so you can find/add people to begin with.

I would, personally, like to see a profile picture implemented into this as well - it's nice to put a name to the face. This would probably need a report function, just to be on the safe side.

JustAnotherGamer 2 points 49 months ago

I've personally wanted a Friend system implemented since the day I first joined this site. I also like the idea that JoeyThePCNoob mentioned about a ranking system.

SethMatrix 1 point 65 months ago

As jasonUK said a user search function would be nice. A friends list with friend tracking would be great. I do not want a profile picture. On this site the forums are a little different and i don't think a profile picture would go well with the structure. As JoeyThePCpro said a ranking system like toms would be nice. Especially the badges. Thanks!

Godzlegend1 1 point 49 months ago

Yes please OMG yes please! I even made a thread about this. Please do it.

LonghornAlamo2040 0 points 49 months ago

I wouldn't necessarily call it a "Friend List". More like a "Contacts List". Calling it the former just doesn't fit the site IMO.

And that "ranking" stuff just seems unnecessary all together I believe.