Welcome to the Apocalypse!

This was my most heavily modded project to date, and I should preface this with a few comments; One, no, those arent live rounds, theyre plastic dummy rounds used for practicing reloading; and two, the chain IS fully coated in a non-conductive sealing agent. Now onto the rig!


Oak Front panel, with genuine leather holding it together and bolts holding it in place

Leather straps over the Glass side panel to give the appearance of them holding the glass on

Additional 120mm hole cut into the top for additional airflow (couldnt fit a fan in it thanks to the two on the back of the case. Measure twice cut once kids...) With a grill and air filter of course

Painted all the removable metal bits on the Mobo, including the M.2 heatspreader (which you totally cant see...)

Vinyl wrap on parts of the GPU to add more colour matching

Custom sleeved cables, dyed with fabric paint to look dirty or aged

Distressed all the paint on the top and sides and back of the case to match the Apocolyptic theme

Chain inside the case to take up the dead space (and cover the fan controller

Cayde-6 to help push the extra frames and keep temps down

Fully custom back panel to accommodate literally any cable management (this case has Terrible cable management)

And probably more that I cant remember.

Seriously, this case is one of my favorite looking cases Ive seen in a long time (before the mods of course, now its a solid 11/10) but it has THE WORST back panel and cable management I've ever experienced. I couldnt even fit an ssd on the ssd mount behind the mobo without the back panel bulging out. And dont even get me started on the thermals...

Also, it should be noted that Id bought all these parts about 6 months ago and had the build finished about 4 months ago. I was just to lazy to post it until now.


  • 5 months ago
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Happy to be the first to say this is bad-***! Awesome job and execution. I did a similar build so you could say I'm a sucker for post-apocalyptic stuff, but you nailed it with this one. Great job.

  • 5 months ago
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Thanks man! That rage build of yours is a beast as well!