So this is a project that I've slowly built over the last four months once I had enough money to buy more parts. Its my first build so go easy on me with the cable management but any tips would be greatly appreciated. I'm just a starving college student trying to pay my bills and game. I don't do any video editing or any rendering, I just purely game on this machine. I actually don't even check emails on here since the internet in my house is basically nonexistent. I use my phone as a hotspot if I'm trying to play online.

I went with an older i5 4690k because it still kills it in games and was $100 cheaper than the i7 and like $50 cheaper than the 6600k when I bought it.

I got a Deepcool Tesseract SW because it looked cool and came with two case fans but I realize now after building in it that I should have gone with an NZXT because the cable management in here was a doozy. Hindsight is 20/20

I got an EVGA 850W PSU because I intended initially to get a 1080 and then to eventually put it in SLI but I clearly was dreaming a little too big there. At least now I won't have to upgrade my PSU for a long while.

Chose Samsung 850 EVO because it was relatively cheap at the time and I definitely wanted an SSD for my boot drive at the very least. I also Have Skyrim and Fallout 4 on there as well as a few other games because the loading times were killing me on my laptop. Not anymore.

Went with a PNY GTX 1060* Because it was cheaper than the rest and the reviews said it performed as well as top of the line 1060's. I didn't need any LED's or anything on it as my case fans are all LED and really bright as it is. It's cheap and it gets the job done. Update*** there is some coil whine when the card is working really hard. Not too loud but annoying because my PC is sitting right next to me. And by really hard I mean at 2Ghz because I overclocked the pants off this thing.

As far as benchmarks I've only played a few games and no official benching

Bioshock Remastered* on max settings with upscaled 2k = 150 fps
Skyrim Special Edition on max settings with some mods here and there gets consistent 60 fps since v-sync is on, I've never seen it drop.
Update I've added an ENB and a reshader and it still gets 60fps after I turned the god rays down to medium, it got like 56 before that. I only use 3 of the 6 Gbs of VRAM so I'm gonna get some improved textures now and see how it handles it. Update I got 4k textures and its only at 4.6 Gbs used.
*Fallout 4
at max settings without even sweating.
Lichdom Battlemage on max setings gets aound 100fps average hitting 150 when just walking around
SMITE Upscaled 2.2k max setings still at 150 fps limit

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

Keeps my CPU cool but it hangs over the ram slots on my mobo. Other than that it works great.


It's a motherboard. It has ten sata slots so I'll never run out. It was blue which matched my Build. The BIOS is fairly easy to navigate.


It's blue ram. It runs at 1866 out of the box. Nuff said.


I bought mine used but it still runs like a dream. Boots my OS in around ten seconds from completely off. In less than a second from just sleeping.

Video Card

I'd give it 4.5 stars if I could because the coil whine right next to my head is a little annoying. Other than that though works straight out of the box and was easily overclocked to the fabled 2Ghz easily. Stays pretty quiet with my custom fan curve too.


Difficult to cable manage in. That's what I get for not really doing my research though. Other than that good air flow and plenty of space to build in.

Power Supply

It's a PSU. Its fully modular. Its nearly silent. What else could you ask for.

Wireless Network Adapter

I thought it was overpriced till I brought it home and actually plugged it in. I wasn't expecting such good performance from a USB wifi adapter.

Case Fan

Blue LED, Nearly silent. Works out of the box.

Case Fan

Blue LED Case fans. Not as quiet as the cooler master on my build but I think that's mostly all the air moving and not necessarily the fan itself.


I got it for free so there's really no complaining. It's 60hz and it's IPS. There aren't any speakers though :(


This thing is friggin sweet. It's relatively cheap and does everything I need it to. Only complaint is that it didn't come with a displayport cable. Other than that its IPS, 60hz, and massive.

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Nice use of the i5-4690k! It is still a great chip despite being a little old.