This system has been built primarily for gaming, with all GFX settings set to ultra it really is eye candy time. It's secondary use is photo and video editing, the second SSD playing a media storage role in ensuring a snappy response. The 16GB DDR4 Ram has been set XMP to the rated speed of 3200Mhz, I plan to add another 16GB for editing 4K video if needed. The Skylake 6700K CPU has been overclocked to a stable 4.4Ghz which partnered with the Corsair H110i GT's large cooling rad keeps the CPU temps nice and cool, the Corsair 780T case was one of the few that allows the 360mm rad to be fitted inside. I chose the AMD390 8GB Nitro GFX card mainly based on price/performance and at this time there are no titles that I own that it doesn't run at full ultra settings with a frame rate of 150-170Fps, it is a very lengthy card and the previous case I had it in had to be modified to get it to fit, thankfully not so with the Corsair 780T.

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Really stable CPU, expect a cool and quick experience. Partnered with a good water cooler this CPU has made an easy and stable 4.7Ghz overclock (stock 4Ghz), using AIDA64 (CPU+FPU settings) under load it remains in the low 60c range and would probably go all the way to 5Ghz if given the time to fine tune things further. But please be aware, when first using this CPU it was paired with a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo cooler (a well respected air cooler), the overclocking abilities were severely compromised, the CPU would rapidly overheat and meant a stable overclock of 4.4Ghz when stress tested was the most it could realistically manage. Water cooling is the way to go with Skylake overclocking.

CPU Cooler

Excellent performance. I was really surprised the drop in temperatures when first adding this to my CPU. Previously I had used the Cooler Master hyper 212 Evo and I found a 30-40c drop in temps with the Corsair H110i GT. Bear in mind this cooler is large, it will not fit in many large cases, 360mm rad means the right case is required. A USB header is required for the Corsair control software. Highly recommended.


Many motherboards seem to come with bright colours so I was glad when I set eyes on the more subtle black gold of the ASRockZ170 Extreme4+

A Bios/UEFI update on first install was needed in order to see the full features as seen in many reviews (manufacturers shipped many Z170 boards out very quickly due to Intel demands, and updated Bios software followed shortly after) This board has great overclocking potential, the finer settings when needed are there, as well as the quick settings which work well to start with. It has been stable even when overclocking a little to much, and the featured on-board manual reset switch works well if needed (if resetting the board it remembers any profiles that have been saved)

The on-board sound turned out to be much better than expected, giving a surprisingly clear sound. The built in USB 3.1 ports are welcome. I decided not to use the extra front USB panel provided with the + package due to the fact that it will use 2 entire SATA ports and a USB header in order to operate, the USB headers are already allocated to front casing USB ports and CPU cooler control on this build. Ram XMP profiles worked straight away with the Corsair LPX and HDD were easy to allocate to 6Gbs speeds. Recommended.


Does exactly what it says on the tin. With the XMP settings enabled in the UEFI/BIOS it simply performs brilliantly.


Excellent performer. Can not fault this SSD, I will be buying the larger version when the time comes. Highly recommended.


Good solid performer, never had any issues, have been using 2 of these for a couple of years. Quick to respond and brilliant value for money

Video Card

This is a surprisingly big GFX card. A large case is required if you don't want to remove drive bays to get this monster inside. Totally silent when not in gaming mode. Great value for money.


A king of casings. I have found the Corsair 780T a pleasure to build with. The quick release casing sides are so welcome. Plenty of room for water cooling, allowing the larger 360mm Rads to fit into the top of the casing with ease. The case comes with a fan speed controller and fan wiring so even if your chosen main-board only has a few fan ports the case allows for lots more. A nice little touch is the grills that cover your fans on the outer casing are press release, which makes for very easy maintenance.

Power Supply

Solid and reliable. There certainly is no doubt that Corsair makes some of the best power supplies currently available. Highly recommended.


I have owned many keyboards, the best 2 have been Corsair. The Cherry Red switches on the K70 are silky smooth and quick. The weight of the keyboard keeps it firm when in game. The keys back lighting is a matter of taste but it is really easy to customize. One of the best features I enjoy is the quality in built volume roller and mute. The Bios switch at the rear of keyboard means easy access to Bios/UEFI will be possible when needed (poor Bios access a trait of some USB gaming keyboards) If this keyboard had Macro features it would be 5 star, but saying that I would still buy the K70 again. Recommended

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  • 49 months ago
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Nice build!

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  • 47 months ago
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Nice build +1, same build really as mine, cept i cheaped out and got scared to get a K version of the 6700 lol.

Btw, that table and chair are sweet. I like the matching shelf above it. Nice and solid looking.