I use this machine mostly for video conversion and gaming. I program for work, but am tied to Apple products there.

I've been thinking about putting my GPU to use mining when I'm not using it, but I'll have to figure that out.

I name all my machines after Greek mythology (not the graphics card). This one is the most powerful machine I own, hence Titan. This is a collection of parts I've built up, some as gifts, some stuff I had laying around, etc. Basically, this is what I imagine most geeks have built.

Part Reviews


For how old it is and the song I picked it up for, this is a great proc. I just wish I had a mobo that could overclock it.

CPU Cooler

Quiet, pretty nice looking, fairly cheap, black and white, keeps things so much cooler than stock it makes me cringe.


Missing several features (like overclock for my K proc), but it gets the job done. The SATA ports being under the GPU is a pain, and I need to paint the I/O plate (chrome just clashes). But, the dual bios saved me from disaster, so that's a bonus I'd hoped to never use :)


Really nice case for it's $50ish price, but it ships poorly. Be sure to check the top panel very carefully for broken feet, etc.

Power Supply

I picked this up on a whim from a deal alert. I had no idea how nice the PSU was when I got it for $55. The cables are all black, but all flat plastic (no braided cables at this price). That's really my only gripe: no sleeved cables #firstworldproblems

Case Fan

Cheap, pretty quiet, white, PWM, fluid bearing. Ugly cables, so watch out for that, but fan cables are usually pretty easy to hide. They also daisy chain, which is nice. Be careful not to over-chain though, these draw .25 amps, and most mobo headers only give 1 amp.


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Pretty nice.

Insert Not Bad meme

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hey man i still have a pc with a 4th gen i3 in it that i used for a solid year for gaming before upgrading to a 6th gen i5

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Sweet 1155 still kicking ***.

Btw "It's Tighten"

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