I built this mostly for gaming, along with random internet browsing and youtube. So far I am extremely happy with the performance I am getting. At first I got a Gigabyte motherboard. (the GA-78LMT-USB3) Unfortunately, it had a pretty annoying case of coil whine, so I returned it and opted for an MSI board. This one seems to be doing fine. I am not really planning on overclocking anything (at least not yet).


Trine 2-- very high graphics at 100 FPS

Planetside 2-- high graphics at 50-60 FPS

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified-- medium graphics at 50-60 FPS

Part Reviews


Pros: It works and it was cheap. Cons: It does make a beep every time it POSTs which can get a bit annoying. Also had a hard time finding/installing drivers.


Works like it needs to, and my boot time is down to about 30 seconds.

Video Card

Very impressed with the amount of power they put in this card for the price and size.


Good build quality, front panel works, came with zip-ties. No complaints.

Power Supply

Good power supply, haven't had any problems yet. Half-modularity is very nice.

Case Fan

Good airflow and a very nice looking glow effect. Overall great quality fan.


Amazing monitor! Got a deal on this one, and I am very pleased with picture quality and depth, response time and refresh rate, and overall quality. Built-in speakers are a very nice and convenient addition.


Good quality membrane keyboard, nice glow. Mouse works, and DPI was good, but after 9 months the scroll wheel broke so I had to replace it. Shame because it was otherwise a pretty good mouse.


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Solid build for the money. I like how you fit a hybrid drive in there. Me personally, I would've gone with an MSI or EVGA 750 ti bit it still works great! The only thing I can think of that might be a little worse than the rest of the build is the motherboard. You kind of cheaped out on it.

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Definitely agree. At the time I got my motherboard, there wasn't a lot of selection that had the features I wanted, so I picked it up knowing that it was on the lower end. Next time I'll put more effort into getting a better one. (maybe Asus?)

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I like Gigabyte. ASRock makes a decent bidget end board

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I like the green my dude