I built this for use of like general games and school and stuff. This was my first build so I was kinda worried but everything worked out in the end and I have this beautiful PC now and i'm very happy. lol. The only problem I had was the blue led fan in the front of the elite 430 had too short of a cable so I had to use a fan cable splitter so I could use the fan because it is original and beautiful. Loving the GTX 1060 3gb SC I got it for like $60 off retail brand new (it was on sale) and this thing is a beast for the price. Pretty much runs anything I throw at it which is great compared to my old Sparkle Nvidia GT520. This was a prebuilt PC but mostly everything has been replaced even the power supply. Its old specs were Intel i3-2100, I had installed 8gb of ddr3 ram, Sparkle Nvidia GT520 and some kind of asrock mb but this was back when I had no idea how PC's worked so when the first mb broke I didn't know how to fix it (I don't know how it broke I hadn't used the PC for months and when I turned it on it didn't go any further than the windows logo so I had the Asrock mb installed by my moms boyfriend). Most of this stuff was from my (awesome) brother including the: Keyboard, Mouse, Mousepad and monitor. Anyways I love my computer and its gonna be my baby for atleast a couple years (or until I decide to build a overclockable PC) .

Part Reviews


OhMyGosh. 15 years old and a nice processor for $125!! made building my gaming pc 150x better. if it blew up id buy another lol. 15/10

CPU Cooler

Good cpu cooler. looks good and i get a constant 28 Degrees idle and no more than 40 under load


Great motherboard but I wish I knew this motherboard was not for overclocking before I bought it but that's just me. mobo is fine


Really good ram for $77. I've been using 1 card and it runs pretty much all the games i play. plus it looks really cool.

Video Card

got it for like $60 off retail so good for $200. Runs everything ive thrown at it.


Great mouse. fits my hand perfectly and its pretty small (my hand) just wish it had more leds than just the scroll wheel and logo but its fine.

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  • 18 months ago
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Why can’t you overclock it??

  • 18 months ago
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I don’t know a whole lot abut PCs

  • 18 months ago
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Okay so try and think of it as a locked door okay? the lock is indestructible and unpick able unless you are the very best at it. My CPU is a locked cpu hence why its an i3-8100. if your looking for something to overclock search for K processors like i3-8350K or i5-8600K. also look for Z chipset motherboards that support overclocking. Im not overclocking anything so i didnt build a pc for it or buy a cpu for it. You can also buy AMD processors but i dont know much about them

  • 18 months ago
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Ok now I get it