Hello Gents.

This is my first Build. My budget was $1500 including monitor, M&KB, PC itself, and any add ons. One thing is I had to buy an extra SATA cable as the MOBO came with 2 and I needed 3. I have 5 case fans (not including cpu cooler one) because I knew the R9 390 got hot and since I got 5 I needed a fan splitter as the MOBO only supported 4. I am really liking the PC so far and runs the Witcher 3 on Ultra like a hot knife through butter. The PC is also super quiet. The temp is about 30-35C on idle and 45-55C on load.

Leave your comments.

Thanks, Gents.

Part Reviews


Went with the i5 because it was the obvious choice for a budget gaming pc with good performance and the option to OC.

CPU Cooler

Though this thing was annoying to put in it is definitely keeping my CPU cool and for $25 it is a steal.

Thermal Compound

CPU came with thermal paste but more doesn't hurt.


Price was $150 when I bought it and now at ~$135 it is a great MOBO and adds to my OC abilities for the future.


These look great, matched my color theme, and a great price.


I got a promo code from a Newegg email that got me this for $80. Sign up for emails from sites to get good deals.


Again, this dropped in price. I got mine for $50. Good buy.

Video Card

I am 4 staring this only because I purchased it on 9/30 and in October a rebate started for $20. I sent in for it anyways but was denied. I got mine for $325 and now at $300 it is the best price to performance card you'll get in this price range.


I am surprised by how solid this case is. I was a bit hesitant as $50 for a case could be skimping on quality but it is black metal, good cable management, pre-installed risers for your MOBO, and plenty of room. Though, you might have trouble placing a fan on the bottom as with the PSU there there won't be room.

Power Supply

Probably the lowest 80+ Gold 650W you can buy and so far it is performing great.

Optical Drive

You really can't beat the price on this thing.

Operating System

Love me some windows 7. Again, I got a promo code from Newegg for $79.99 for this OS and had windows 10 free upgrade.

Wireless Network Adapter

Got this because wired isn't an option now. Works dang well though.

Case Fan

Quiet and just bright enough. One af120 for front intake and one for back exhaust.

Case Fan

Quiet and Just bright enough. Put the af140's at the top of the case.

Case Fan

Got the SF to push through the HDD bay. Again, quiet and not too bright.


I got this monitor for $120 ($20 promo and $20 rebate). I have no complaints and I think there might be 1 dead pixel but I've only seen it a few times and if I am intensely looking for it. For the price, you can't beat it.


This is keyboard is between 3 and 4 stars. The color looks cool and the price is amazing but the when non game typing the keys seem a little sticky and slow response. Gaming it is fine and I haven't had trouble but excessive typing feels slowed from the KB. The mouse also had a squeaking when the you scrolled but WD-40 fixed that. Also, the keys have a little texture on them which I like but some might not. If you've got the budget and are particular about your M&KB I would upgrade.


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I build a machine with the exact same parts for a friend lol! except for the case.

  • 50 months ago
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The 200R is a great budget case. For what you pay for, it's really good imo. Overall good choice of parts and great consistency. Great build mate :)

  • 46 months ago
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+1! Awesome build sir, many of your parts match mine too. Thinking of giving the 390 a try as well..

  • 50 months ago
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+1 nice build :)

  • 50 months ago
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Nice build. I love the look of the MSI GAMING Board and theit GPU's. I couldn't stop staring at that little Purple and yellow connector lol. It's like a burned pixel in a screen just can't keep the eyes away. Love it, you did a good job.

  • 50 months ago
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It is annoying. It is the tag for the CPU cooler and it said "if removed warranty is voided" so I kept it on there for now and the purple is from the tape I used so the tag wasn't loose. I'll probably cut it off eventually.

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heat shrink tubing from home depot and a hair dryer would cover it without voiding your warranty.

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+1 for the 212 EVO. People overlook how good that thing is.

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