Son got a laptop 2 birthdays ago, integrated graphics etc.. It wasn't cutting the mustard. So fast forward 2 years, and having a gaming father, I decide.... you know what I'll make him something that'll last. He will be able to add all those Minecraft mods that blow up his laptop and honestly with this setup I'm assuming he could host Minecraft. It also will allow for longevity and just need office program of some sort on it and he'll be able to use it for school work too.

So happy B-day and Christmas.. cause it wasn't cheap.. don't let him know that though - to be young and think money falls from trees. Oh yeah and don't judge. I love playing video games and he seems to also - so yeah i spoiled him and got him this.

I'll try to line item the issues with this build on each of the parts lists.

The TLDR -

Everything worked out of the box no real issues, MSI mobo had a nice update feature that allowed me to install all motherboard drivers, Win10 i put on a USB and booted to it and installed (was already at 1607 anniversary update).
Probably all together we took it out one night and put memory, processor, stock fan into the Mobo, connecting case power switch, and linked it to PSU ontop of the cardboard insert and made sure it worked. No issues there.
Next night screwed in standoffs, installed Mobo, and power wires all over again and also connected SSD. Booted to usb installed, put mobo drivers one from live update 6, installed SSD magician software. Then powered it down threw the 1060 in there, installed Nvidia driver.. and It was up and running. 2.5 hours tops. Wow... I remember the days of 11 or 14 floppy disks for dos then windows installs lol.

Once i get back and get some pictures out ill update them here. Pictures are there.

Part Reviews


Was going to get the i5-6300, and newegg had a sale... it was wicked close and figured why not. Perfect for most gaming stuff out there now, also has integrated in case something goes wrong with video card.


Ok this was based on other pcpartpicker models for decent low level mobo's. I actually try and stay away from MSI due to some issue with my 970 2 years ago in my other build (3 replacements later) but it was priced right so that won out. Pros: Live Update 6 - installed all drivers i needed and let me flash bios from windows. super cool making it much easier to have to get drivers individually.

Cons: 1 CPU fan and one sysfan.. should have paid attention to that.. the case has 2 fans included (and i don't want one running @ 100% all the time) The stock CPU fan hits on capacitors (i don't know what to call them) - making it really difficult to get a nice fit on the twist in screws to the mobo. It actually felt like i kinda had to bend it slightly to get it to finally pressure set in the screw.


Ok its memory.. was on sale... XMP with the mobo worked flawlessly. I trust crucial / gskill / kingston memory so i am good here. Not much else to say. Its an 8 gig single which is perfect if i ever need to add another 8 in the 2 slot mobo.


Samsung 750 EVO. Ok, yeah i read reviews - im goign to end up with 1/2 the rights of a 850 EVO. But know what hes coming from a spinning drive on a laptop. The only reason i didn't go with another brand for like 10 less is i have been happy with my 850 EVO. So figured i would stick with a brand that worked for me.


I honestly don't recall what the spinning drive is - i just am pretty sure its a Samsung / SATA 2 5400 RPM. It was left over in the closet and adds space if he needs it. He has the SSD for anything he needs fast.

Video Card

its a 1060... its got the dual fans (yes its not the gaming one but that was another 30$.

Based on reading reviews etc.. its a nice card and was only 250. Added bonus - backplate on the card, dual fans and a Gigabyte logos that changes color (that super impressed my son so that alone wins most arguments.)

Have to run it through a firestrike test.. ill try to do that and edit the values afterwards.

Only "con" i notice is idle temp is 38. My 970 idle temp is 32. So seems kinda high. Not that 38 is a game changer but still.


The case was definitely nice for a "cheap" model, 2 case fans included, though the front one has no filter (what do you expect.) The cable for HDAudio connecting to the bottom left part of of this micro Motherboard is a heck of a stretch, im actually contemplating just removing the HDAudio connector for the top of the case. He only has a USB headset anyway. Another really cool plus was the second case fan i the front actually has a built in 4pin or mobo connector. I thought that connector was a nice added touch. Fan sound is pretty low. Side panel isn't entire side but big enough to see the 1060.

All in all i had never even seen this case and somehow stumbled upon it while traversing newegg and am pleasantly surprised. Its also pretty light / yet rigid where it doesn't seem like its going to warp.

Power Supply

Based on reviews its a quality Power supply. Internals are built well and is ample power to keep it running well.

It is semi modular meaning the main power to Mobo is wired, the rest are modular. The wires were long enough to reach everywhere and didnt have any issues connecting to them.

The few cons with the power supply: each cable has like 4 connections. So for Peripheral cable.. i only have the extra case fan needing a 4 pin... i have to attach it to power supply and then have 4 connections on a long cable. Kinda ridiculous. I'm probably goign to get a Y splitter for that sysfan to power the front case fan so i can detach this one. The VGA power cable to connect the 1060.. has 2 power connections. So i had to tie it back on itself instead of having one connection, to clean up the wiring a little.

I guess i am a little my build the previous year was a evga 750 and that felt cleaner and nicer.. though it costs more and i had to wait for a sale / rebate. We also didn't need 750 watts.

Operating System

Win 10.......


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Awesome build! You sound like an epic dad for doing this for your son... nice work! Wish my dad did this for me... I just earned $500 to build an OK pc for myself. But nice build, great part choice, and thanks for including the Fire Strike score! I wish more PC builds on here did that.

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About that GPU, can you change the LED colors?

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+1 for spoiled son.

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