Hi everybody! So this is my third build (I didn't post the second one) and it is for a friend who wanted to play games on something better than a laptop with a gt 740m. The budget was really tight, but it's only for 1080p low-demanding games like overwatch.

CPU : The G4560 was on back order, so we settled on the G4600 even if it was a bit more $. Seems to be a good choice, even with the release of ryzen 3 line up.

MOBO : I originally wanted the use an H110 mobo and update the BIOS using my skylake cpu, but my friend didn't want all the troubles coming with the swap of the cpu and so on. So I choose the cheapest B250 mobo I could find.

RAM : Cheapest ram with heat spreader. Not so nice but the case doesn't have a window.

SSD : Again. the cheapest at the moment.

GPU : My old gtx 950 I replaced wth a gtx 1060 6gb. The 950 is enough for the games my friend wanna play. It can be upgrade anyway.

Case : Well, it's not my favorite part but it did the job. I let my friend choose the case and the reviews were not so terrible. There is enough room for cable management but you won't really see it since I let the end of the job for my friend hahaha. Only 2 slots for SSD but that's ok I guess.

PSU : 450 is enough for this build and it is well reviewed.

OS : guess what : it's windows 10!


Building was a bit more difficult than I expected : we had some problems with the io shield as well putting the optical drive in place. We had to bend a bit the case to do so... Maybe I should have read the instructions hmmm.... We don't know why, but the onboard VGA of the mobo doesn't work at all. No signals. Hopefully, we were able to use the GPU to install windows. Even after updating the drivers the onboard graphics still wouldn't turn on. Impossible to boot from the from panel usb as well : had to use the usb ports behind (I installed windows on my 1st and second build with the front panel usb).

I'll edit in a week or two for my friend comments!

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  • 32 months ago
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only TRUE gamers have ROLO

  • 28 months ago
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How did the CD Drive fit in the case?

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  • 32 months ago
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Well, I care more about the cable then the side hahah