I've finally completed the major upgrades on my main rig, and yes I might have gone overboard on the RGB, but it looks so dang cool!

If a price is 0 that means I didn't have to use my own money to purchase it. Shrewd, eh? Almost 30 and still asking for PC components as gifts. I accumulated these parts over an extended period of time, and some things are newer than others.

The newest stuff (unused before build): CPU, mobo, RAM, GPU, case fans, keyboard, mouse Newer stuff (just installed within the year): M.2, PSU, Case, AIO, 1440 monitor Old stuff (less than 4 years old) : SSD, Disk Drive, 1080 monitor, sound system, headphones Older stuff (4+): HDDs

I got the upgrade itch about a year ago when I replaced my old GTX 770 with a STRIX 1070 and I experienced a real color-cycle for the first time. That got me looking at what other new flashy parts I could get my hands on, and before long I knew I wanted to completely re-do my main rig. It seemed like providence since the next architecture to be released was code named 'Coffee Lake' and being the huge coffee drinker that I am I couldn't help but feel extra enticed. While I waited for it to release I upgraded other things (see 'Newer Stuff') and began to think about how I wanted this new build to end up. I don't really do much more on my PC besides gaming and work- the latter requiring no real compute power since my job isn't tech based- and my i5-4670k still kicks a lot of *** with a 4.3GHz OC. The 6-core i5-8600k seemed the natural successor here, and if I had purchased a new CPU at launch and chosen instant gratification over patience that's what I would have ended up with. Instead I waited for Christmas and got an essentially 'free' upgrade. Thanks Mom, you're the best.

And I guess I should thank my wife too, since she bought a lot of the other stuff for my birthday ;) thanks hun!

Anyway, super happy this 9 month project is finally done, and I can't stop staring at my PC! Pretty colors...

Part Reviews


Boom, headshot. This thing rocks 6 cores with 12 threads (as I'm sure you know) and even without touching OC it boosts to 4.7GHz right out of the box. Speaking of overclocking, I did get a clean boot at 5.0GHz, but I haven't tested any stability yet so I'm sure there is much tweaking left to do there.

Coolest CPU box ever btw

CPU Cooler

AIO changed the game for me, and this Corsair H105 is a dang good one. I think the coolest feature (which doesn't necessarily make up for its lack of RGB but helps) is the interchangeable color ring that you can swap out to match your build. The Corsair logo is back-lit too, which stands out nicely.


Definitely the coolest looking board I've ever had, and that RGB is ever so sweet. BIOS is super easy to use, very fluid and great for tweaking.


The gradient color cycle on this RAM is literally the coolest RGB I've ever seen. Oh, and yah it's pretty decent RAM too


Not much utility in such a small drive, but read/write times blow any HDD away, so there's that.


Zoom. Like, 5 second boot times people. Stop what you're doing and get yourself one of these- you'll be thrilled with the difference.

Video Card

I fought many long battles on Ebay to get this bad-boy, and it made me feel pretty foolish for not just buying one at MSRP when I had the chance months ago. That's how supply and demand works after all, right? It's hardly any surprise though now that mining is so popular- before last year I averaged 1 GPU purchase every 4 years, and in just this last year I bought 4! The review of this card is: Worth it


Amazing case, I love it.

Case Fan

Quality fans for sure, but there is a glaring problem: the dongle controller. Now, depending on your tastes there are ways to make it work inside or outside the case since it has back-tape- however, I'm still not thrilled they need a separate hub from HD/LL fans & they are not compatible with the Lighting Node Pro.

Case Fan

These fans are just WOW. You'll spend more time staring at them than whatever's on your screen.


This monitor has a really unique cool look, so big props to AOC because this is an awesome display anyone would be proud to show off on their desk. I was able to overclock the refresh rate to 70Hz too, sweet.


Great monitor with tons of features and a hefty price tag. There's no going back after gaming on this beast.


  • 22 months ago
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I don't think you have enough RGB...

  • 22 months ago
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It's never enough!

  • 22 months ago
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Nice build dude, If you aare able to can you let me know the temps and fps on games you play.

  • 16 months ago
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Have you thought about switching out your Trident Z RGB for Corsair’s new(-ish) Vengeance RGB Pro? That RAM looks damn pretty

  • 15 months ago
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Haha it’s a rough spot isn’t it? I probably could try to trade or swap someone, but I can’t say I’m unhappy with the Trident Z at all.