This is my first custom built pc, having used a crappy laptop over the last few years. I have always wanted a good computer so I was really excited to finally get this together.

When I planned out the build I wanted a rig that would be able to game at high framerates and at high resolutions without an issue, and I also wanted to be able to stream even if its to only a few friends for fun. Overall I am very pleased with the build. It went together pretty smoothly and it was easier than I expected it to be. I'm not too proud of my cable management, but for my first time im not too displeased. The GTX 660 is just a temporary card until I can get a 1080 when they come out, so don't freak out on me for having a $1500 build with an old GPU.

Sorry for the picture quality, I don't have a good camera so I had to use my phone. I hope you guys like it.

Part Reviews


Really fast CPU. Haven't overclocked yet but it has still impressed me with how powerful it is. Running League of Legends with a few webpages open and on skype with my friends CPU is at like 9% usage. Got it on sale on Newegg for $50 off and i'm super glad I did.

CPU Cooler

Fairly easy to install, and keeps my CPU very cool. Sits at 30c idle and even after hours of gaming I haven't seen it get above 45c. Corsair Link is really nice and lets you adjust the led color on the pump. Tubing is a little stiff, which did end up affecting which direction I could mount it in my case. Not that big of a deal though.


Pretty nice board with a lot of features. It's very nice looking and the bios is easy to navigate. I have had some weird usb port issues, namely when I had a lot of ports occupied at once. On-board audio was actually very nice and the headers for fans and usb are in pretty convenient spots.


Nice ram. Ordered 2 4x4 kits and all modules worked just fine. Gorgeous heatsinks as well. PNY wasn't a company I was very familiar with but I am going to consider them more in the future.


Really fast, boots to windows in like 5 seconds. Games on it load considerably faster than on a regular HDD. In hindsight I might have gone with a higher capacity but this should be plenty for now.


Typical HDD. Does what it needs to do and is still fairly quick for a mechanical drive.

Video Card

Solid last gen card. Got it off Craigslist for $70. Still gets very playable fps in games. ~120 in World of Tanks, 400+ in League of Legends. Will be replacing with a GTX 1080 later but has been nice to use in the meantime.


Nice, attractive looking mid tower case from NZXT. Really well constructed, with a full metal frame and side panels. Comes with 3 intake fans and 1 exhaust fan pre-installed. Fully removable hard drive trays, and SSD brackets on the power supply shroud. The PSU shroud itself makes the case look really clean, but in my experience makes cable management to be a real pain. Maybe its just me, but I had a real tough time with it. Also some of the holes for cables can be fairly hard to get to. The Case fit my 280mm radiator in the top just fine after removing the top HDD bracket. The fan hub is nice and makes connecting a lot of fans easy. The case has really nice airflow and dust filters on the front and bottom. The finish on the case is nice but shows handling marks prominently, and some of the paint around the thumbscrews has come off. I know it sounds like i have a lot of problems with the case, but its really a lot of small things rather than anything large.

Power Supply

Really high quality fully modular power supply. The cables are all black and the mobo power cables are sleeved. The cables were really stiff on mine but had no problems with any of them.

Operating System

I much prefer Windows 10 to 8, and with DirectX 12 looking to be the next big thing its good to have.

Case Fan

I have 2 of the Akasa Apache Blacks on my H115I in pull config and they move a lot of air and were easy to install.


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I like it, very clean and simple, the top of the card facing out the window fits perfectly with everything. +1

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I didn't know that a 3GB version GTX 660 existed! +1 for that

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Funnily enough I couldn't find the one I have on here. Its just a 660 Superclocked 2gb EVGA card. None of the ones on the site seem to match my box or the number for the card.

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Powerful rig at that budget. It's easy to overspend on the wrong parts, but you did a pretty damn good job.

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Thanks man

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Yeah I agree. I Plan on getting one soon.