This is my full set up. I tried to add everything that i use in the parts list so y'all can find everything down to the usb hubs. I use this set up to play games and edit videos with premier

I added a photo of my set up a year ago. crazy to see how far its come

at the moment i have an 8700 but im hoping to sell it to upgrade to an i9 and a new mobo I also hope to buy a nice 4k monitor soon to have above my middle monitor.

i use the echo plus to control my monitors turning them on and off, changing the temp of the room, changing the lights and led strips colors.The echo plus was an awesome thing to get for gaming because i can be even lazier.

In some of the photos the exhaust fan is not lighting up that is because the rgb went out and i had to warranty it. luckily i got my new one already.

upgrade plans: i9-9900k new mobo upgrade my ram from 32 to 64gb watercool my gpu and custom loop my cpu new case new webcam 4k monitor A new wireless charger because i lost mine buy a real desk instead of this table new chair m.2 ssd and to re hook up my Xbox for playing some games with irl friends 4k TV for the Xbox ? some wall art? soundproof panels ? we are moving so i cant hang any pictures anymore to "de personalize"


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Goodness gracious that last picture made me wince! Glad your station looks much better. Incredible build. Quite the stunner!

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Thanks. Lol yeah not sure how I lived like that now a simple cup out of place drives me nuts.

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Amazing ! Especially the last pic. +1