Portable Rig for Recording, multi booting, and 1080p fun...

Part Reviews


Excellent chip - turbos to 3.7GHz without too much heat in a tiny system with limited cooling, and makes for a great little system coupled with a decent GPU - didn't need that i7 after all...

CPU Cooler

Great little cooler... premium engineering - worth the upgrade over stock, even without low noise adaptor fitted. Bundled with good thermal paste and a snazzy owl badge, was super easy to install. Keeps an i5 4590 at 33-67 degrees in a tiny rig...


Great Value for Money, and if like me you've only got one chassis fan to worry about, assrock's A-Tuning utility has effective fan controller software for CPU & Case fans, as well as a decent performance monitor/tweaker. Had to dock a star for Wifi build design, though - have some extra nuts,spacers or washers ready when you secure wifi antennae to the I/O shield (which is also pretty cheap and nasty if I'm honest)... they don't tighten fully with supplied kit and twist the fiddly little wires you spent ages installing inside the case if you attempt to screw on the external antennae .... Other than that, quality board at a sensible price!


Works great, lighting quick. Wish I had more of them!

Video Card

Evga 04G-P4-3962-KR Cool and compact - fit a tiny itx case painlessly and so far, quietly.... only tested Skyrim (Ultra HD with AA off etc) which played fluidly at 1080p, which is what my system is geared for, and the 4 GB of VRAM helps with those HD textures, a lot...

On the software side, if you're not using , or display doesn't support HDMI audio, I'd recommend not / uninstalling the HD Audio Driver from NVidia, as it clashed with my system's onboard audio...

Strange thing that there so few reviews for this card online, even if it is relatively new, but I hope to update this with some benchmarks and specs to help folks who may be interested in this card, but can't find any info...


You have to love this case. You must really love it to justify the extra spend (plus SFX PSU etc) to go this route... But it is small, solid aluminium, beautifully put together and made me completely rethink my build - Fantasies of i7s and chunky coolers and that 970 have given way to an i5/960 rig that draws less than 400w, and the temps are great in this case !

THe front fan is very easy to remove/replace, which is a good thing, as you'll need to do it whenever you install stuff... the protection grille and dust cover kit fit perfectly on a Corsair AF 120 replacement, once you've run the Corsair's included self tapping screwsthrough the mounting holes first...

The docked star is for he comically MASSIVE USB 3 HEADER CABLE in the case, I mean you have this elegantly tooled mini case and then you go and do that...

Power Supply

Unit itself is lightweight, runs cool, but not so quiet... The cables are Fully modular after a fashion, but are the braided black shiny pythons of fatness type, not the flat ribbons of convenience, so if you've got limited space you'll need to plan system assembly pretty carefully...

Case Fan

Well made, Does a good job as an intake fan replacement, Purple LEDs.... Nuff said : )


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This is a first build, but was great fun with a few minor frustrations! Comments are welcome...

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Love your tron name!

  • 50 months ago
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Great build, especially for a first! I'm getting tired of my uselessly large full ATX case (I didn't know I would become the type to just play CS:GO) and would like to build a slim-ITX PC.

Unfortunately, the biggest problem for me is that many people are saying that the ST45SF-G gets really loud after 250W or so, and it is really important for me to have a quiet PC. What do you think of the noise levels of your ST45SF-G?

  • 49 months ago
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Thanks - Yes, the psu noise is definitely very noticable, especially in this case...and I'm rarely hitting 250W... But there seem to be few affordable alternatives for systems where modular is a must... and I'm fairly sure my case wouldn't have taken the 500 with the 120mm fan - so that's how it goes until someone releases a nice fanless alternative that I can afford! - Anyway, good luck with your build !

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I see. Thank you very much!