this was my first build costing around 850 for the rig i use this for gaming and basic programming really thats all,the main parts of the build such as cpu gpu and psu where really good choices and im happy with them. but if i had to change anything i would change the mobo with the Gigabyte GA-Z170X-UD3 theres nothing wrong with the sli plus and its a really good board other that the ****** fan pin locations but the only only reason i bought this and the the Ga-z170x was because it went on a daily sail at best buy for 80 usd so i immediately jumped on it

the ssd that i ordered was doa and sandisk has awful costumer service haven't been able to talk to anyone after 4 calls and 2 emails i'm gonna he a 240 gig ssd in the fall and migrate windows to that

both the 1060 and zotac are pretty under rated the 1060 on its newest drivers is slightly better than a 980 and zotacs cooler is both quiet and cool

ok now onto the case in my opinion the case isnt worth more that 25$ i bought it because the first timer in my wanted the flashy green, im buying a phanteks p400s in the fall.. the reason this case is so **** is first it is so loud i can hear it down the hall even when the fans are off the hhd shakes the whole case and seconf it is so flimsy i can twist the front panel almost all the way around this was by far my least favorite part of the build

the psu is a seasonic do i really have to say anymore

these fans are so loud i have to turn them off when im not gaming but they do move a metric **** ton of air so they arnt all bad

the monitor was on sale picked it up for 85$ im getting an ultra wide in the fall as well

my build does what its supposed to it runs games 1080p 60fps very high-ultra settings im planning on getting a 1070 or rx 490 around christmas then after next summer crosfire them and move up to 1440 ultra wide

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

not for heavy over clocks this is only 40% better than stock coolers but if you have a locked proseser or are not planning on over clocking than this is for you also very quiet


came DOA and sandisk wouldn't refund it


cheap mass storage and is surprisingly fast i had my os on it for a few weeks while i waited for a new ssd to come and i didnt have to much of a problem with boot time but it is a little loud but it is a hard drive

Video Card

great,quiet,cool only thing to make it better is if it had a back plate


looks sexy as hell and if you dont care about noise or how hard it is to build in it go for it but i defiantly wouldn't pay more than 25$ if you like the green id go for the phanteks Enthoo Pro M or the Antec GX500 with green leds but i would defiantly not pay so much for this, its almost impossible to cable manage and the hard drive cages shake the whole case. i upgraded to the phanteks p400s after a month of using this case

Power Supply

its sea sonic, its quiet... dude buy it

Case Fan

very very very loud but it moves alot of air so your call nothing wrong with them


great starter gaming mouse and key board i got this and planned on upgrading but with the quality of the product you could use this for a year or maybe two with out upgrade


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what are your temps at?

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I agree with you about the Raidmax case. It should probably be around the $45 price point. Still looks pretty good though.

Only CC I have is to flip your PSU the other way so it pulls air from the outside of the case.

+1 for solid build with a great parts list.

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dorm lyfe, good times

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love the name, nice build