Very impressive and A SOLID Gaming rig. 2 Years with me. 6600K normally 4.4ghz and benching goes 4.7ghz. card is solid oc or not. ram is awesome. cooler keeps the cpu super cool. hdd and ssd are sufficient for my use. case is super spacious and durable (although heavy). monitor is cool but i wish i could buy anything higher. all in all, i cant complain. i made the desk, designed it and sent to a carpenter of dimensions (100x70x80) SUPER COMPACT for a full tower. Impressive isn't it? and ive installed led rgb desk and case. Looks great! My rating after 2 years is 10/10. Id recommend this all day if there weren't today's great alternatives. But for when i built july 2016 it was one hell of a beast and a super performer!

Part Reviews


Pretty great cpu. Really fulfills me. In my opinion the best offer i had in 2016. I have no regrets at all till now with it

CPU Cooler

Quite surprised about this air cooler. Pushing it in push pull config. Im really happy i bought it even tho it was at first to me just an alternatives but im very happy. Its sad that its discontinued now but there are better alternatives. Meanwhile this one should surprise you


Pretty good boards, i have no complaints after 2 years of use


They might be overpriced right now, but when i bought them for a solid deal, sticks are awesome! No regrets


A SOLID SSD IS A SOLID SSD. 120Gb is enough for me. You decide for yourself.


2 years still alive. Dont be afraid of seagate they make solid drives. I dont regret this one at all

Video Card

Card is very good. Might not be a top model but for a 1070 a very good deal of a card. But don't buy it for a stupid price. Before a newer gen releases. Id recommend you never pay more than $420 for a than 1070!


Might be a 2011/2012 case. But very spacious, mostly metal and high quality. And too many drive slots i dont think i could ever fill! Good cable management space. Considering i got this new for cheaps, if this is for a good price in front of you, dont hesitate much its good and should fulfill you.

Power Supply

Not all CM PSUs are top quality, but this one is very good. For a good deal, this psu should run you pretty well. Im satisfied

Optical Drive

Pretty good unit.

Operating System

Very good. But i just hope microsoft doesnt force things i dont want and make me go above and behind to make right. But in my opinion best os ive used yet


Good monitor. Enough for me


Pretty solid headset, i recommend.


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This is very similar to my config, and I love how my set up performs. I'm surprised you don't have your OS on an SSD. Trust me that upgrade alone would be a game changer. +1

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I already had a 120g ssd. Technical difficulty i forgot to add but i fixed dont worry i bought the ssd same time i bought my rig.