I hadn't a clue what I was doing when I first started this build.

Part Reviews


Run's, great and smooth, I've upgraded from an i3 processor, so I am extremely happy with this purchase.

CPU Cooler

Great AIO cooler, Due to mounting options in my case, I had to mount in the front, SUPER EASY to install for first time builder, has a quiet humming noise while running and that's the only reason why I gave it 4 stars. keeps my baby cool. overall I would suggest if you're a first time PC builder and want an AIO liquid cooler, go for it. Later I will upgrade to a kraken for noise reduction.


Works great, didn't realize it was a micro ATX when I bought it, I would have gotten a full size mobo. The Bois seems a little dated, but you get what you pay for. it auto detected that there was a GPU in the slot, before I could download my drivers, so I had to unplug the GPU, and set bois boot options to where it was booting from motherboard and not the GPU.


Feels cheaply made, and looks the part to. Is fast and does what it needs to. Haven't owned a SSD before so I have nothing to compare it to.


This thing is super loud, but the price is right, I would recommend getting a Samsung hard drive or just completely go SSD for noise reduction, however if that doesn't bother you, then this thing is great for the price.

Video Card

GREAT card for the value, sexy backplate, I wish it had 11gigs+ dedicated Vram, but this runs Black ops 4, and fallout 76 on ultra no problem. Temps were 72c whilst running Blops 4 on Veryhigh/ultra, I wish they were lower, just upgraded case fans, will update once I know the new temps. My main issue is that on 4k it can only run things at about medium quality, I plan on a 1080ti or 2080ti once they drop in price, but near 1 grand for a graphics card is ridiculous.

Power Supply

Great options for upgrades, and add ons, the braiding does look really nice, and makes you feel fancy.

Case Fan

Good fans, decent price for LED


Great Keyboard, The ergonomic design, and wrist pad, the way your fingers fit on the keys, just feels SO GOOD. I wish I got a silent edition as my girlfriend sleeps while I stay up all night gaming, it's not an annoying click, actually quite satisfying, but makes noise non the less.

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