After having migrated the innards from my old Coolermaster to my new and shiny Fractal Design Define R5 case, I was gutted to see my old and trusty case in such a sorry state. Basically, I used everything in it except the PSU and the case fans for the build in the Define R5.

So I started to look for some used parts to bring it back to life, thus the Name of this build, hehe.

I also used some "old" parts from my other two builds (this... and this...), so I had a good excuse to upgrade those two builds a bit, hehe (with a 3 TB HDD for my main rig and an 480 GB SSD for the little one..

I realized that I learned a thing or two while I made those two builds. The original build I did back then in this Coolermaster case was almost 7 Years ago. That System was an i5 750 with an GTX 470.... And I didn't know too much about building back then, so cable Management and parts decision were not top notch.

I tried to manage the cables a bit better in this case... And deciding what parts to get... Well... As cheap as possible, while still building something decent for 1080p gaming.

I really liked building this computer. It was more an "ars gratia artis" build, enjoying the process of selecting and getting the parts, and then Assembling everything and at last, finetuning everything as good as possible. I must be nuts, eh?

I'd love to keep this build, but that's my third pc now that I have at home... I think I'll have to sell it... Well, I definetely have to sell it. But...

For a start, I'll borrow this computer to a friend so he can get a taste of what pc gaming really is capable of. Maybe... Just maybe, I'll get comissioned to build another, more modern, build, hehe. And then I sell this build.

As mentioned, yeah, I really like building, and I hope I'll be able to build another system soon. :-)

I took way too many pictures than is actually healthy during the building of this project... Here are most of them, for your viewing pleasure.


Part Reviews


Great CPU that undortunately shows its age. But it's amazing how well it's holding up with a decent overclock after all. All in all, it serves me well. I got this CPU in a bundle.

CPU Cooler

One of the two items I got completely new for this build. A very good cpu cooler for this price and a mainstay for budget builds. Holds my OCed Lynnfield very cool and keeps quiet enough.


Good enough for some decent overclocking. Got it in a bundle with the i5 and the RAM.


Got this in a bundle with the mobo and CPU. Was advertised as 2x2 GB 1333 MHz. Turned out to be 2x 4 GB 1600 MHz. I am content, works without a hitch.


This was originally in my HTPC build. Upgraded the HTPC to an 480 GB SSD in order tonise this 120 GB for my Project Lazarus. Good enough.


This is next to the Case and the PSU the only part from the original 2009 build. I then had used it in my VR-rig, which I upgraded with a 3TB HDD. Works.

Video Card

A powerful card! Would even rock for most modern games, but really gets limited by its small 2 GB vram. But for most gaming, it's good for 1080p with medium to high settings. Older games (until around 2013/2014), run even well at very high to ultra settings at 40 to 60 fps. It's a great overclocker too. And keeps cool while running at the max. Great card and for me worth the price I paid for it.


I bought this case around 2008 or 2009, not sure anymore. I didn't actually know back then what exactly to look for in a case, but it was one of the cheaper options. It has served me well since then, and cable management and airflow aren't too bad in this case. And it has enough room in it to build.

Power Supply

This PSU has served me very well, and I hope it won't crap out on me in this build.

Optical Drive

I bought this together with another optical drive. I actually wanted to put 2 optical drives in there... Because I didn't keep the front cover for the places where the drives originally were. It was cheaper getting second hand optical drives than getting new slot covers... I ended up only using one OD and getting a 3.5" card reader. The reader has cost me only 1.--, so... The mounting frame for the reader was actually more expensive than both the optical drives and the card reader combined... Arg.

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  • 41 months ago
  • 2 points

Very cool--I like the story behind this one! +1 And the name and picture log--nice touches!

  • 41 months ago
  • 2 points

Thank you. It's a shame actually that you can't put a description on the images themselves.

  • 41 months ago
  • 2 points

That's a good point! That would be pretty cool. Guess for now you'd have to edit all the photos with description overlays before uploading them...sounds more tedious, haha. Anyway, cheers!

  • 11 months ago
  • 1 point

Dude you've done an amazing job, believe it or not this build is inspiring. "I took way too many pictures than is actually healthy" nuh, you can’t go wrong with them high quality pictures.I like the story behind this one and the Red, black and VR too +1.