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Converted into RGB LIFE Mid Tier Build

by azndevll


I've had an older build without the RAM and Case fans for my dekstop. I recently changed into the RGB fan life since I noticed that the LL Corsair fans were released and they look beautiful. Mainly for gaming such as League of Legends, Investments, and some other games or Youtube video watching and very less often Streaming.

NOTE: you can control the RGB colors and style of the RAM, Cooler, Case fans. Even if it's the Asus motherboards, the G.skill software works completely fine.

FUTURE STUFF: Will be looking forward to purchasing the new 4k, 144Hz, IPS, 27Inch Monitor that will be released from Asus and Acer so have yet to decide which one to get between Predator X27, Asus PG27UQ, or Acer XB272-HDR. Also will be getting a new keyboard from Ducky for the Year of the Dog Edition since I'm born in 94.

Part Reviews


Probably my Go-To Processor even if it is outdated currently. It gets the job done and I can currently overclock it to 4.5 or 4.6 Ghz. Didn't need anything else higher unless you're into the whole video graphics designing.

CPU Cooler

It's very efficient for what it wants to do which is cooling the system since my idle state, it would go to low 30s Celsius. Might not be the best visual compared to the NZXT liquid coolers but it works fine.


Probably my cheapest Motherboard at the time when the Z170s were the new thing. It only has one issue where the sound software would go error and just have HUGE static sound which you can only fix with a restart on the computer but it works everything else just fine.


The RGB colors actually work with this Motherboard contrary to what most people say about the G.Skill Software not working with motherboards that aren't Asus. I placed pictures to show that I could change them besides the typical RGB settings to prove it. So if you wanted to have that RGB control then this for sure works with a non-Asus motherboard.


Actually got this from one of my workplaces so didn't really pay for the prices >.<. It works like a normal SSD should so no complaints here honestly in terms of speed and such.


This is like the greatest starting SSD you should get for it's price. I know it's pretty high now but it's probably the most reasonable SSD to purchase for its performance also if you don't want to go for that M.2.

Video Card

Can't really test all the way for this Graphics Card in high end games but it's a 1080 so no problem there since I was able to get it secondhand for $450. Only wish is that if it had some RGB or lighting to work with on it but can't be too picky.


It's a great thing to have in terms of controlling what's inside your case since you can actually just move around the Hard Drives, SSDs, and even the fans technically. You could give more Airflow in the case by getting rid of everything in the front part of the case then place three 140mm case fans. The backside space is also really big that you can just place your Lighting Node Pro on it and not have it get in the way of closing the case.

Power Supply

Currently it's a really low-tier in terms of what it would be expected to do but it's completely fine with what it's required to do. Probably could get a less W power supply if you aren't going to put two Graphics Cards in the case.

Case Fan

So these fans are quite good at what they do. They have the RGB configurations on the Corsair Link and work amazing. It is very quiet also compared to the standard case fans that came with the case. Got it at a discount on Amazon back in November at around $99.13. Still trying to figure out if the fans are able to be controlled so need to edit this part when I figure that out.

Case Fan

Expensive but got it at $35.99 from Amazon so a little better. Same thing as the LL 120RGB in terms of fan sounds but have yet to go for the full high end gaming stuff. RGB is great to control.


Was able to get this monitor when it was on sale for $399.99. I was able to enjoy the whole idea it's a 1440p and it's only a 27inch screen. It even has the speakers on it so I didn't want to purchase separate speakers personally. Only drawback is that it's a Freesync monitor since I have GeForce.


So far Ducky has impressed me since it has the Brown Cherry Switch which is what I was looking for in mechanical keyboards. It was fairly priced at around $60-70.


Does the high DPI which I prefer for my mouse which is 5500. The only downside which is probably for any mouse is cleaning it so it doesn't dirty from your own hand skin.


Replaced my old M40x with this baby and it's cheap since I got mine secondhand for $90 so it's already a huge price gap and it works like a charm for sounds.

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Haze159 1 Build 1 point 15 months ago

Pretty slick. Those fans look really neat.

azndevll submitter 1 Build 1 point 15 months ago

Thanks manga I did what I could with the RGB settings and it worked out fine.

Ice44 1 Build 1 point 15 months ago

Nice build. But did u say 5500 dpi! 0_0

azndevll submitter 1 Build 1 point 15 months ago

Yea my sensitivity is really high since I just got used to that style so hard to play a game where I would have to move my mouse all the way to the end so my mouse on the monitor moves like an inch.

Ice44 1 Build 1 point 15 months ago

Wow. Well i play at 700 dpi lmaoo

Dtm209 1 Build 1 point 15 months ago

Does the i5 6600k bottleneck the gtx 1080?

azndevll submitter 1 Build 1 point 15 months ago

So far I have yet to see that occur to my games.

DonKeedix 1 point 15 months ago

Nice build, man. Those fans look cool af. Did you anything else to make the fans work together or does everything you need come in their box?

azndevll submitter 1 Build 1 point 15 months ago

So I bought the three fan set for the 120mm since it has the Lighting Node Pro with it. You would need that to use to control the RGB settings for the fans. So pretty much if you get all that's in this build then you wouldn't have any problems for the RGB, fans, and other stuff.