So, holy crap I built this two years ago and never uploaded photos. Every now and then, DarTro would prod me to finish it. So, here it is. My HTPC. Not pictured are the keyboard, or the xbox controller.

The HTPC as it stands today runs Windows 10 Home. Originally, I ran Linux Mint on it. I decided to install Win10 when I realized that the bluetooth audio solution we were using was really laggy on Mint. No amount of driver devilry was fixing it, but the switch to Microsoft did (insert boos and hisses). I was using it briefly as an emulator machine, but mostly I just use it to stream Netflix, Amazon Video, and Google Play. The i3 and iGPU does everything I need of it, and 4GB of RAM is perfectly fine for Windows 10 if you're just casually driving a browser. Boots quick.

Originally I was looking at this board and CPU combo because I wanted to use custom BIOS to BLCK overclock my CPU. I couldn't find the 1.0 edition of the board at MicroCenter though, and just bought the 2.0 instead. This one has BIOS installed that removes that capability. It's nbd though.

The box is very quiet, with the stock cooler being audible in a silent room. I'd like to swap it out someday but at this rate, who knows if I will. If/when I upgrade my GPU in my main rig, I'll likely shove my GTX 980 in here lol. Set it to run on passive cooling and let the two Arctic fans cool it. Then I upgrade the RAM and I've got a competent little TV gaming machine.

Not really a whole lot else to say about it. Stay tuned for when I upload photos for my next completed build in another two years!

Part Reviews


I love this case. FD makes very attractive and minimalist cases that I appreciate. I also like how short it is in height when laid horizontally, which was something I needed for my build. I only knocked off a star for the power supply cables. They are a pain in the ***, and it's not worth it IMO to buy this SKU. You're better off spending the money to get a modular SFF PSU, and the case SKU that comes without one.

This SKU is still good if you're trying to keep your budget tight though, which I was, and don't mind a little frustration. The PSU is decent and quiet.

Case Fan

These fans are dope AF and unbeatably-affordable for their quality. You really can't do better than this. They're super quiet at normal RPM, and you can daisy-chain them and run four off a single 4-pin fan header.


This keyboard is alright. The trackpad was barely usable in Linux, lots of phantom movements. In Windows 10 it is better, but still not great. The keyboard is nice to type on though, and the batteries last forever. For the price, it's pretty good.

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  • 13 months ago
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The impossible has been done

Nice build lol!

  • 13 months ago
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Thanks my dude, now you can badger me about my last completed build with no photos for a couple years.

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