Wanted to build a PC this weekend!

Fry's didn't have GSkill Trident RGB, so I went with the Corsair RGB instead. Still looks great!

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Coming from an i7-4770K I am very pleased with this processor so far! Instead of getting the Ryzen 7 2700X I saved and invested in a GTX 1070 Ti. Handles gaming loads very well.

Running really cool with my 240mm AIO Liquid Cooler (

CPU Cooler

Keeps my Ryzen 5 2600X idle temps down to 27-28C and loaded temps around 40-45C. I haven't tested overclocking yet, but I imagine it will do great.

The lighting effects on the ring look great. The controller is pretty basic, but you can choose from 256 colors if you are patient enough to pause the controller on your favorite color while it cycles through them. Or you can just choose one of the 10 or so preset colors.

It all runs VERY silent. I don't hear the pump at all, and the parts where the fans are screwed into your case or radiator are covered with rubber to reduce any vibrations. I am satisfied with the sound.

The only con in my opinion is that RGB is limited only to the plastic the ring around the fans. The CPU waterblock does not glow and the fan blades are black so they do not catch the lighting effects of the ring. That migh be by design so I will not subtract a star for it.



DIDN'T HAVE TO UPDATE BIOS TO USE RYZEN 5 2600X 2x M.2 slots Many fan and RGB controllers on board Lighting support Red glow underneath SLI support and reinforced PCI-E slot BIOS is very easy to work with BIOS reset button on the board is great when testing overclocking settings.

CONS: Wish the memory DIMM slots were moved just about a centimeter lower on the board. had some trouble with my memory sticks and mounting radiator at top of case. Ended up mounting radiator in the front instead.

Only comes with ONE screw for the M2 slots. C'mon MSI.. that screw probably costs a fraction of .01 cents. And this was a $140 board.


The memory Clocked up to 3000 no problem.

The lighting effects are fantastic; however, I am not able to change them in the corsair link software as advertised.

I originally wanted to the Gskill trident RGB; however, Fry's didn't carry it, so I went with this memory instead. Overall I am very satisfied witht he performance and appearance, but wish I could customize the colors in corsair link.

The heat spreaders are VERY tall. I couldn't mount a radiator to the top of my case because of this.


Perform as as fast as expected and works right out of the box. No complaints. Good and fast!

Video Card

Runs everything I can throw at it extremely smoothly at 1080p 75hz. Stays really cool and quiet.

Has RGB settings and can be setup to change color based on temperature or fan speed.


This case looks amazing! Proud to have this displayed on my desk. Seems to have good airflow and a lot of room to work with in the main area. Mounting fans and radiator was very easy.

My only point of dissatisfaction was that cable management. I had to remove the 3.5" drive bay to have enough room to work with.

Note: If you buy this case - the accessory kit (with screws and such) is inside the 3.5" drive bay! I spent 30 minutes frantically searching all of my boxes and work space thinking I had misplaced the kit.


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you: I want to build a PC this weekend! me: budgeting and planning for 3 years

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Nice build

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Hi, I am going for the same build pretty much. It would be great if you give me some insight to how the performance of the GPU and CPU has been. It would be really helpful! It isnt my weekend build but rather sweet 16 build haha, an upgrade from a dell vostro from 2007 :D

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