I'll start off with the reason I built this PC. Originally, this PC had been housed in an NZXT source 210, which took up way too much space in my room, and I found that I wasn't using the benefits that an ATX form factor provides (more drives, video cards, expansion card). Since the PC wasn't being used daily, I felt that it took up too much room for what it accomplished., so it was time for a change.

I was originally considering a "console" like case, such as the node 202, but after looking at prices of SFX power supplies, and the cost of the case, I decided that I'd rather spend my money on the steam sale then on a case. I settled on the Silverstone SG13, thanks to its amazing space efficiency, and the fact it supported an ATX PSU. There are a few downsides, however. It can only fit one 3.5 inch mechanical drive and one 2.5 inch drive simultaneously, or three 2.5 inch drives simultaneously. This wasn't a big issue, because most people will have a solid state boot drive and a mass storage mechanical drive, but it's something to consider. Something else to consider is clearance, for the GPU, PSU, and CPU cooler. There's only 150mm of space for a power supply before you render the hard drive cage useless. For your GPU, it's 10.5 inches, or the length of a reference Titan X. You've only got 61mm for a CPU cooler before you hit the power supply, but if you go for an AIO, this is a nonissue. I didn't realize I could ramble on for this long about a simple case, wow.


It's a small, portable case that fits a lot of stuff

Most of the parts on the list were used, which is why the prices are a bit lower. The pentium, storage, and RAM were from the previous build. I got the motherboard and PSU of r/hardwareswap, the GPU off some guy at my school who was upgrading, and the cooler+case off amazon. I ended up painting the 750ti white so it matched the overall theme of the build better. I waited a week for Amazon to restock the white SG13, which I guess is in high demand, as it sold out in 10 minutes. When I received mine, I found that Silverstone only ships Amazon 34 of them at a time, which explains the wait.

The build was actually pretty simple. Silverstone includes a manual with the SG13 that outlines what order to install components, but I found that it's not always accurate. It's much easier to wire the front panel connectors before you put the PSU or hard drive in, since there is nothing in your way. There is very little room for cable management, but since it's not a windowed case, it doesn't really matter all that much. The shorter your PSU, the more room you'll have to work in the case once it's installed. An SFX PSU would be ideal, but my 140mm unit allowed plenty of room. Overall, a fun little build, and it's great when you have a case that is small enough to be moved around on your desk during the build process.

In lighter games, this little rig easily goes above 60fps at 1080p, on high-ultra settings. CSGO is perfectly playable at max settings 1080p, with no frame drops or stutter. Dishonored, one of my favorite games, runs at 80-90 fps maxed out at 1080p, with the system staying very quiet. I tried GTA5, but my dual core Pentium was causing all sorts of stutter, and it wasn't really playable. In the future, I might upgrade it to an i3, because GTA5 really wants a quad core. However, in FireStrike, the system scored 3,943 with the CPU at 3.8 GHz. I rolled back the BIOS on my AsRock board, but for some reason, I can't get the pentium past 3.8 GHz, even with 1.3 v. It's quite strange, because I've seen others easily taking theirs 4+ on this exact board.

So, for lighter games, Shadowbox offers great gaming performance while staying very quiet and cool. Larger games, such as GTA5, have issues, but that's partly the fault of Rockstar, as some GTA "performance" patches have actually made the game harder to run. I'm very happy with how the system turned out, and hope game developers will keep the dual core pentium in mind during optimization in the future.

Thanks for reading my epic chronicle, Please leave feedback and criticism if you have time.

Part Reviews


Awesome little CPU for the price. Unfortunately, newer games struggle with two cores, but it's great for stuff like CSGO and lighter titles.

CPU Cooler

This is my third Cryorig product, and it's just as good as the others. Super quiet, with great heat dissipation, despite its diminutive size. I didn't go for an AIO, as they're too loud for my taste, so the C7 was perfect.


Great little board. Built in WiFi was awesome, since I'm not always near an ethernet jack. Well laid out UEFI, but for some reason, can't get my pentium past 3.8 GHz.


I had this lying around, so stuck it in this build. It's nothing special, and only 1333 MHz, but since it's low profile, I have no clearance issues with the SG13.


It's storage. Not much to say here....

Video Card

I love the 750ti. Super cool running, quiet, and still powerful. My card is missing a fan blade, but I saved a bit on the price, and doesn't affect performance drastically.


Amazingly well laid out ITX enclosure that still fits standard sized parts. Well worth the week's wait for the white version, and looks the part for just 40 dollars.

Power Supply

My 750ti doesn't need any external power connectors, so the CX430m is perfect for powering the motherboard and hard drive. Not the greatest quality PSU, but great for what I'm using.

Operating System

worst OS ever made by MS. Luckily, I upgraded to 10.

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  • 47 months ago
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Quick tip if it starts to stutter in gat 5 just lock the fps at 30 this will prevent the cpu from working harder to produce the extra 3-4 fps extra. This means you have no stuttering, look it up I have seen like 4 videos on youtube about this. I have not tried it out myself but I thought I would tell you!

  • 47 months ago
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I couldn't lock it at 30 through the nvidia control panel. I'll try a different method today

  • 47 months ago
  • 1 point

U do it through half v sync in games

  • 47 months ago
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Wow great budget build man! Love the size of that case.

  • 47 months ago
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  • 47 months ago
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3 words: Best. RAM. Ever.


  • 47 months ago
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  • 43 months ago
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solid build. I'm looking at a skylake version of this. Thanks for the detailed pics.

Only thing I'm deliberating is the C7. For a i3 6100, I don't think it's necessary in this case.

The g3258 can be OC'd, but the 6100 can't on an HXXX board. Do you think it was worth buying the C7 when you have the g3258 at stock speeds?

Thanks -Halo

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