WIP, especially the setup but also the internals of the PC

The Need: A gaming PC that could run a variety of simulators in VR without compromises. The most demanding task will be to run Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D -flight simulator, which still benefits mostly from single core processing power, and is demanding enough that no current CPU is overkill. Also, it needs to be pretty! I don't know what color scheme I want yet, so I'll just go with black/monochromatic parts with a lot of RGB to experiment what I like.

The Build: Building in the Phanteks Eclipse P400S TGE was simple enough. After building my last build in Fractal's R5, there were minor things in this case that bugged me. Not EVERYTHING is perfect quality, but nothing really made the build exceedingly unpleasant and nothing in the completed build shows the lack of quality. So I guess they are compromises made in correct areas. During building I've run into two problems so far: First, the clearance between the top of the case and the motherboard is so small, that after I ran the CPU power cable through the top cable management holes, I had trouble installing the TT fans to the top. The cable got pinched very tightly between the edge of the mobo and the fans. I just hope the cable's fine :S Second, the Maximus Hero IX mobo only has one internal USB 2.0 header. I have the Thermaltake fan controller and the NZXT Kraken both needing one. The compromise for now is that I set the TT fans to a nice color and mode, then disconnected them and have the Kraken AIO connected. I will probably get me an internal hub to have them all connected.

Final Thoughts And What's Next: The P400S TGE is an excellent case for the money, emphasizing form without compromising too much in function. Every RGB part in the build looks awesome, although the TT fans would in my opinion benefit a lot from being installed in a way that would display their intake side. In this build that just isn't possible. I may buy one 120mm to install in the back, where the intake side would show better. I'm still thinking of the perfect color scheme. I was already going for all black/green, but then introduced a little turquoise and got this "oceanie" look and now I'm confused. However, I will probably get some Cablemod custom extensions with black, silver and green braided cables anyway.

Updates to come as I figure out what I want and have the money to carry on :)

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

Had a tiny issue when installing: it wasn't getting recognized by either the motherboard or CAM software. It was getting power though, so the pump was working and fans blowing at full throttle. I removed the Kraken's internal USB cable from the mobo header and tried a Thermaltake fan controller in the same header to make sure the header didn't malfunction. Well, the TT controller worked. I then replaced the Kraken's USB cable to the same header, turned the PC on and all of a sudden everything worked. Haven't had a problem since. CAM software works perfectly and is quite useful and very configurable. The AIO keeps my non-delidded 7700K reasonably cool at max 70C with 4.8ghz. The main selling point is the RGB pump head though. It is gorgeous! I was worried that it may be too flashy or "arcady", but you can actually make it very classy too.


I bought this board for the total 10 USB ports. I have a lot of peripherals and my case has just two USB 3.0 ports at the front. Also AURA support was important. I had an ASUS Z270-E before, and the Hero falls short of that board by not having onboard Wi-Fi, only having one internal USB header for both 2.0 and 3.0. The back I/O RGB light is also prettier in the Z270-E, because it has individually addressable leds, while the Hero's lights are always the same color. However, accepting these limitations, it is a good board.


Pretty RAM, no problems, easily runs at 3200mhz on my Z270 ASUS Hero IX


Pretty case with the included RGB LEDs really complementing its looks. If you don't wanna go full RGB, this case alone is enough to make almost any component look good.

Case Fan

Beautiful fans, especially if the intake side is clearly visible. Software is not perfect but does the job.

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  • 33 months ago
  • 2 points

Great setup! Are you training to be a pilot? Also what overclock did you reach on your 7700k?

  • 33 months ago
  • 1 point

Thanks! Well, I'm waiting to be able to start my training. Just ran into a little medical setback. Buying this PC was my coping method for not being allowed to fly yet :P

I currently have the chip at 4.8 ghz with 1.2V. With that setup the extreme stress test in AIDA64 gives me fluctuating temps between 70-85C, so I'm not too keen on going further. I did quickly try 5.0 ghz with 1.35V and that was stable but the max temp was 96C. I didn't even bother trying 5.0 with a lower voltage. Might be worth fiddling with it a little more. I'm also tempted to delid it, but so far I've been too scared to do it. I can't afford a new CPU if I screw it up :D

  • 33 months ago
  • 2 points

I think you're fine at 4.8Ghz. 70-85C is a good temp range for that overclock.