Built inside the Dan Case A4 sfx. I originally had everything inside the Phanteks Enthoo Evolv Shift, but thermals inside that case were pretty subpar. I then moved everything into the Dan Case which provided superior cooling using the Asetek 645 LT 92mm AIO cooler.

Part Reviews


What can I say, AMD's first ryzen series CPU that really shook the market. 6 core productivity workhorse. Gaming on it is still decent, assuming one isn't using 2080ti's. Gaming with a 1440p monitor with the rtx2070, handles everything fine with no stutters.


The worst pick for a build like this, everything works but CPU VRMs are cooking. Peak would reach around 100 degrees C with no direct airflow. Make sure to use the stock AMD cooler or a down blowing fan to keep the VRMs under check. Avoid using AIO coolers unless you are mounting small 40mm fans blowing on the chipset and VRMs at all times. Also, the board has a nonstandard layout, so do make sure you want everything to be where they are when you pick your case. Do not use this with the Phanteks Enthoo Evolv Shift.


No problems reaching 3200mhz with 16 cas latency.


I went with a budget version of a m.2 samsung ssd. -1 star because of the lack of a heatsink and on some motherboards where the m.2 is behind the board, temps get to aroudn 75 C.

Video Card

EVGA gpus are really good, especially with the company having good customer service. This card turbos only to 2000mhz for me, maxing out all power limits/ voltage limits. That's around +115 on core and +1000 on the memory.

Power Supply

In hindsight, I would've picked a corsair model since this psu uses a 80mm fan which is a bit on the loud side when gaming. The price is cheaper compared to Corsair models so you get what you pay for.

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